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Dehumidifiers Vs Ventilation

Whole House Ventilation System

When it comes to signs of streaming windows or damp problems in our homes, our thoughts often turn to installing a dehumidifier. They may draw moisture out of the air, but there are several drawbacks:

  • Dehumidifiers are only effective in the room in which they are placed. They do not offer a whole house solution.
  • They are often quite noisy. This means that the dehumidifier is often turned off at night when they are needed most, as humidity rises when temperature falls.
  • The tray can fill quickly with water, which then needs emptying
  • Energy costs. Typical dehumidifiers consume anywhere between 50 and 800 Watts!

Situated discreetly in either a loft space (in a house) or central hallway (in a flat or apartment), the Mr Venty range of condensation-control units not only provide a permanent and effective solution to high humidity, condensation and mould problems, but they are also very energy-efficient, with an average consumption of around 6 Watts.

Providing a complete whole house solution, they provide fresh, clean and filtered air into the home, diluting, displacing and replacing moisture laden air to control humidity levels between 45-60%.

What's more, the Mr Venty Range of units can be beneficial to people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Moist, warm conditions can create the perfect breeding ground for the household dust mite, a known trigger for asthma attacks and allergies. By reducing the level of humidity, dust mites are unable to breed and the population decreases.

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