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What Causes Mould?

What causes mould problems

The usual suspect for the cause of mould within your home is prolonged condensation. Continuous condensation problems are usually accompanied by black mould, an unsightly fungus which rears its ugly head around window frames, on walls, doors, ceilings, furniture and it can even appear on your clothes hanging inside a wardrobe or closet. A home suffering from poor ventilation will be vulnerable to both condensation and mould problems.

Moisture - the key element

Mould moves through the air as miniature spores heading for damp, wet areas of the home such as bathrooms, basements and attics. What’s more, if you live by the coast or in an area where the humidity in the air is naturally high, the excess moisture outside can affect the humidity inside. In fact, any location where condensation or damp is found is a suitable environment for mould spores to thrive.

Mould grows on organic materials, for example wood or leather, all it then needs to thrive is oxygen and moisture. If you think about it, moisture is the key element because organic materials and oxygen are also present in homes which do not have problems with mould.

Excess moisture inside your home will evaporate into the air and increase the levels of humidity indoors, if your home is poorly ventilated the humid air has nowhere to go. It will linger within in the home and end up as condensation on windows, walls, ceilings etc. Over time, prolonged condensation causes mould in various places around the home.

A closer encounter

Mould is a known allergen and irritant with an established reputation as a trigger for respiratory problems. If you ever smell a musty mildew like smell in your home you probably have had a closer encounter with gas produced from a fungal colony without even suspecting it. Breathing in this stuff can affect your physical well-being. You could be left with a headache or feeling very tired or sick, it really is in your best interest to live in a mould free home.

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