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What is Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, which can enter your home from the ground, exposing you to doses of radiation. According to the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), health studies from around the world have linked exposure to Radon to the increased risk of lung cancer.

How does it occur?



Believe it or not, Radon is a naturally occurring gas. Small amounts of uranium are found in most rocks and soils, as the uranium decays it produces radium which in turn as it decays, produces a new radioactive element - Radon.

As the radioactive gas decays it produces another radioactive element called Radon progeny and this is where the problem arises. The Radon progeny behave like solids and can attach themselves to dust particles in the air. If inhaled, these solids can stick to the airways of the lung and increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Radon detection

It is impossible to detect radon by sight, smell or taste. It has to be measured by detectors usually over a 3 month period. These are then analysed to determine if the level exceeds the UK Action Level for Radon in homes recommend by the Health Protection Agency on Radiation Protection and Measurements.

Radon gas is measured in Becquerel’s per cubic metre and, according to UKradon (the UK’s reference site on radon from the Health Protection Agency), the UK Action Level for Radon in Homes is at or above 200Bq m-3.

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