Introducing the 'installer friendly' energiSave 380

Introducing the 'installer friendly' energiSave 38001/04/2013

EnviroVent have developed the energiSava 380, a whole house heat recovery system, suitable for properties with a kitchen and up to 7 rooms. Designed as an easy one man installation, this lightweight and compact system has been developed in a unique modular format which allows it to fit through a standard loft hatch. In addition, this practical unit also incorporates simple push-button commissioning-making life easier for the fitter.

The energiSava 380 can also be rotated to enable both right and left configurations depending on the type of installation required. Furthermore, the system also performs to the highest efficiency on SAP Appendix Q, achieving a low Specific Fan Power (SPF) of 0.40 W/l/s and thermal efficiency of 93%.

Running continuously on trickle, the energiSava 380 provides all year round healthy indoor air quality. No user intervention is required as the intelligent humidity tracking controls constantly monitors the average humidity level over a two minute period. This allows the system to sense any rise in humidity and increase the extract rate in direct correlation to quietly and efficiently control condensation. Even at night time it has been cleverly engineered to prevent noisy running and also incorporates a frost protection facility to ensure optimum efficiency of the system.