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Intelligent Whole House Heat Recovery Unit

The IDEO is an intelligent whole house heat recovery unit designed with the latest technological innovations to specifically provide optimum user functionality and comfort.

It works by extracting stale, moistureladen air from the wet rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchen and shower rooms, which is released into the atmosphere. At the same time it supplies fresh, filtered air into the living areas. The energy from the extracted air is transferred to the new fresh air through the high efficiency heat exchanger before being re-supplied into the property.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient

    Delivering up to 87% thermal efficiency.

  • EC Motor
    EC Motor

    Delivering up to 87% thermal efficiency.

  • 3 Year Warranty
    3 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.


Exceptional Heat Recovery Performance

With a simple flow system, the air is supplied at 2ºC through the supply valves, which reduces the internal temperature within the home. With the heat recovery process, the supply air enters at 20ºC.

Summer By-Pass (Free Cooling)

Benefiting from a temperature controlled integral summer by-pass as standard, the heat exchanger will shut off to ensure that cooler outdoor air replaces the indoor air that has been heated during the day.

This air is routed through the by-pass facility and not through the heat exchanger. The summer by-pass ensures that the full benefit of perception cooling is achieved. This eliminates the requirement for open windows, providing a safer and less noisy environment.

Innovative Control Module For Optimum User Functionality

Supplied as standard with the IDEO is the intelligent control module, enabling the setting of multiple functions and indicators. It is in permanent communication with the unit and allows the setting of the ventilation speed, the summer by-pass, frost protection and absence mode.

The absence mode is particularly beneficial when the residents are on holiday or away for a longer time period. The control module also provides an indication of energy saving in kW/hr/ month, battery level, indoor temperature and filter change.

The intelligent filter change indicator is programmed to monitor the level of particulate in the filters and will notify the user when these need replacing, as opposed to simply being set to a specific time period. This ensures optimum efficiency of the unit and that filters are only replaced when necessary.

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