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MEV Spider

Mechanical Extract Ventilation System

The MEV Spider from EnviroVent is a low energy, continuous mechanical extract ventilation system designed with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air out of the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

Innovative and low energy, the MEV Spider has been designed to provide continuous mechanical extract ventilation in accordance with current building regulations.

Key Features

  • EC Motor
    EC Motor

    Incorporates a powerful backward curved EC motor.

  • Made In The UK
    Made In The UK

    Supporting our local economy, lowering the carbon footprint.

  • Intellitrac Conrols
    Intellitrac Conrols

    The system constantly monitors the humidity level meaning no user intervention is needed.

  • Wireless

    Available with wireless remote control.

  • 5 Year Warranty
    5 Year Warranty

    High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.


How does it work?

The extract unit is centrally located in a cupboard or loft, with ducts running from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and other wet zones. Ideal for use in houses, apartments and communal residences, the unit provides high centrifugal performance with low running noise. The MEV Spider is SAP PCDB Listed and comes with a full five year warranty.

Rapid Installation

The compact size of the unit and its unique spigot configuration allows easy installation into any vertical or horizontal application and is ideal for restricted spaces. With up to nine spigot connection points the unit offers optimal versatility.

The easy push button commissioning pad enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.

Intellitrac® Controls

The system continuously operates at a low level to ensure that the home is correctly ventilated, providing all year round good indoor air quality. Incorporated within the MEV Spider is the unique Intellitrac® Technology as standard, which constantly monitors the humidity level, meaning no user intervention is required.

As humidity rises and falls, the motor speed rises and falls in direct correlation. This controls condensation quietly and efficiently, reducing the periods of time when the system operates on maximum speed, saving energy.

Ease of Installation

The compact size of the unit and its unique spigot configuration allows easy installation into any vertical or horizontal application and is ideal for restricted spaces.

With up to 9 spigot connection points the unit offers optimal versatility. 

Control Options

The MEV Spider is supplied with a remote controlled boost switch as standard offering ultimate control to the user. The unit is fully commissionable to high and low rates to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

Product Codes
Product Code
Product Name
Product Description
MEV Spider - Wireless
Standard wireless unit with humidity tracker and remote control
MEV Spider - Hard Wired
Hard wired unit with humidity tracker
Product Specification
Question & Answers

What type of ducting do I fit?

The ducting type will depend on the installation and will need to consist of mainly rigid. – any ducting in unheated areas will need to be insulated. For specific ducting types refer to the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.

How do I commission the unit?

To achieve specific flow rates the spider unit will need to be set using a calibrated anemometer and proprietary hood to balance the system correctly. This will need to be set to the design airflows by someone competent and ideally certified to do so.

How can I control the unit?

Depending on the model utilised, the unit can be controlled by hardwired controls/sensors or wireless boost switches. All units have intellitrac humidity tracking as standard.

Can I use it with a roof tile vent?

Roof tiles vents must be a suitable ventilation terminal capable of coping with the airflow required. Roof tile vents must be designed for mechanical ventilation and not cause a high system resistance.

Why is the unit noisy?

To ensure minimal noise the unit should be installed as per the installation guide using the correct size ducting type (insulated in unheated areas), mounted with the isolating pads provided and following the designs When using rigid ducting there must be a short length of flexible ducting fitted between the rigid duct and the units spigots. Ensuring the system is installed correctly and fully commissioned will minimise noise levels.

How much ducting can the MEV Spider cope with?

The MEV Spider is excellent in dealing with long duct runs. However, this would be subject to design.

Can I use it on new build development?

The MEV Spider can be used for new build under System 3 – the suitability will be subject to system design.

Do I still need a cooker hood?

If installed and balanced correctly the spider unit can cover the whole house extract ventilation required (subject to design). A cooker hood can be omitted from the kitchen or used in addition to the MEV Spider. A cooker hood cannot be used instead of an extract point from the MEV Spider in the kitchen.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty on the MEV Spider is 5 years from installation.
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