Condensation & Mould in UK Housing Stock CPD Course for Social Housing

Condensation & Mould in UK Housing Stock CPD Course for Social Housing

1 in 5 properties in the UK still suffers from condensation problems. This CPD course looks at condensation and mould problems in the UK social housing stock and discusses the causes of condensation and mould, the social, health and economic effects and what can be done to control the problem.

Offering the opportunity to enhance your existing professional standards, the informative CPD course from EnviroVent delivers highly relevant know-how on the benefits of specifying and installing sustainable and energy efficient ventilation solutions to solve condensation and mould problems in your housing stock without negative impact on the environment or tenant problems.

This CPD Seminar covers the following useful topics:

  • Covers an in-depth explanation of how condensation and mould occurs.
  • Discusses the social, health and economic effects.
  • Highlights the long-term environmental ventilation solution.
  • As a fully accredited CPD organisation, all attendees will receive a CPD certificate.

We can deliver a seminar during a lunch hour or a more detailed presentation demonstrating the latest innovative and sustainable technology, which will last approximately 2 hours and catering is provided as part of the CPD course.

During recent years hundreds of professionals including social housing sector surveyors, building consultants and architects have participated this totally FREE service to broaden their knowledge of this ever more important subject.

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