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Retrofit Ventilation

Ventilation for the future

In order to address the huge energy waste in existing homes and meet the Government’s ambitious target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, the emergence of Retrofit Schemes, such as the Technology Strategy Board’s Retrofit for the Future programme, CERT, CESP and the launch of the Green Deal are demonstrating how we are on the road to achieving this. 

Through the use of the newest and most innovative technologies, best practice retrofitting will help to meet Britain’s carbon commitments. 

In order to meet that target however, 2500 retrofits must take place each day, that’s 5.5 completions every minute and 333 per hour for the next 30 years!

It is vitally important to realise that by sealing up our homes, making them warmer and more energy efficient, we must ensure that we sufficiently ventilate our homes to maintain good, healthy indoor air quality.

EnviroVent has responded to the challenge by developing a low energy and sustainable range of products that have been designed specifically for the refurbishment market to achieve the lowest life-cycle costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.