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energiSava 250

Lightweight & Compact Whole House Heat Recovery System

energiSava 250

Ideal for smaller houses and apartments the energiSava 250 is one of the most compact and lightweight on the market, achieving a high thermal efficiency of 91%.

Features & Benefits

  • High thermal efficiency up to 91%
  • Exceptionally compact
  • Can fit into the space of a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Versatile installation - wall, floor or ceiling mounting
  • Switch Live
  • Unique humidity tracking controls
  • Automatic integral summer by-pass
  • App-enabled version available
  • Frost protection
  • Easy mounting brackets
  • Lightweight, one-man installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy exchangeable filters
  • SAP Appendix Q eligible
  • Energy savings trust best practice performance compliant
  • Part of the Lifetime Range® complete with 5 year warranty

Introducing the energiSava 250

The energiSava 250 provides optimum ventilation for a property with a minimum loss of energy. It extracts moisture-laden air from the wet rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchen and shower rooms. At the same time it supplies fresh air into the living areas (living rooms, bedrooms, dining room). The energy from the extracted air is transferred to the new fresh air and re-supplied into the property, creating an all year round, ideal indoor environment.

Suitable for Kitchen + 5 additional wet rooms and achieving a maximum airflow of 270 m3/h (75 l/s), the energiSava 250 delivers not only the utmost practicality in installation flexibility, it also performs with exceptional efficiency, achieving a low Specific Fan Power of 0.59 W/l/s.

Available with myenvirovent app

The energiSava 250 is available with the myenvirovent app, developed to allow the resident to adjust ventilation settings and boost the ventilation system from their smartphone or tablet. The app has been designed to benefit both the resident and ventilation engineer.

What is heat recovery?

As building efficiency is improved with wall and loft insulation, draught proofing and double glazing, buildings are becoming more air tight and are consequently less well ventilated. Good ventilation is vital to our health and the fabric of our homes. Opening windows is one option, however this is not ideal due to security risks, loss of heat and energy in colder months.

To solve these problems, heat recovery ventilation, covered under System 4 of the Building Regulations Approved Document F: Ventilation, can provide fresh filtered air, energy efficiency and a comfortable all year round climate for your home. Stale, moist air is extracted out of the wet rooms of a home. These include the kitchen, bathrooms, utility and en-suite rooms. This moist air is then ducted to a central unit located normally in the loft space in a house or in a utility room or cupboard in an apartment.

This extracted air passes over a heat exchanger before being ducted to outside. Simultaneously, fresh air is drawn into the unit from outside, and is warmed by the high efficiency heat exchange cell. This tempered, fresh air is then delivered through supply vents into the living, dining and bedroom areas.

This constant supply of clean, tempered air into the property creates a healthy and ideal environment, maintaining stable humidity levels, free from condensation and mould. Sufferers of asthma, house dust mite populations and other respiratory problems should find this method of ventilation significantly beneficial.

Functionality and Design

The system continuously operates at a low level to ensure that the home is correctly ventilated, providing all year round good indoor air quality.

Highly practical, the energiSava 250 can be boosted via the switch live function or remote control to provide increased airflow. In addition, an automatic and integral summer bypass controls the temperature of the air entering the home on warmer days. The easy push button commissioning pad enables the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.

Incredibly Versatile

The energiSava 250 has been designed for ease of installation in mind. With vertical or horizontal mounting options, this powerful little heat recovery unit can be installed on the ceiling, wall or floor. It can even fit within a 600mm kitchen cupboard (depth 290mm).

For wall mounting applications it comes complete with easyfit brackets for rapid installation without the requirement to access the unit.

Peace of Mind

Manufactured in the UK and part of the award-winning Lifetime Range®. To ensure the optimum performance of the system, it is important to maintain the unit. This can be done by simply removing the front cover and accessing the exchangeable filters (order code: FILTER-ES250).

Intellitrac® Technology

energiSava 250 incorporates Intellitrac® Technology, the unique humidity tracking controls. The unit runs continuously on trickle, providing all year round healthy indoor air quality. No user intervention is required as the Intellitrac® Technology constantly monitors the average humidity level over a two minute period. This allows the system to sense any rise in humidity and increases the extract rate in direct correlation to quietly and efficiently control condensation. Once the humidity level falls, the extract rate tracks back down again, saving energy.

ESAVA250 Wall & floor mounted version
ESAVA250C Ceiling mounted version
ESAVA250A Wall & floor mounted version (app enabled)
ESAVA250CA Ceiling mounted version (app enabled)
KIT-CONDENSATE-ES250-2 Floor mount brackets
FILTER-ES250 Filter

energiSava 250 heat recovery system

energiSava 250 heat recovery system

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