The foisty atmosphere disappeared and the humidity levels dropped

The foisty atmosphere disappeared and the humidity levels dropped

I would like to give you some feedback on the systems you have installed in several of my properties. In a few weeks it will be one year since the first PIV unit was installed in what has always been a problem house for me. The transformation within a few days were superb; the foisty atmosphere disappeared and the humidity levels dropped dramatically. I now feel the house is acceptable to live in.

My biggest concern about having the unit fitted was that the tenants would feel the air moving on the landing and try to disable it, but they have not complained at all. In fact, a tenant text me a few weeks after one had been installed commenting on how good the house now felt.

Obviously I have had to invest quite a sum of money into having the units installed (three to date, but will roll out the installation further). The tenants are paying for the minimal running costs, but should benefit from reduced heating costs. The main benefit for me is that I should save on damage from mould. Both to the fabric of the property and to furnishings. If one case of mould is prevented, the unit has paid for itself.

I have also had 4 cyclone extractor units installed, both in-line and through-the-wall. Again very satisfied with the results, the rooms are dry and the tenants are happy that they do not have a fan switch on when they are brushing their teeth or using the toilet.

In all the cases the initial survey was carried out very professionally, with the technical questions answered clearly and the installations have all been on-time and very well done.

I thank you for sorting out my problems and allowing me to be a more professional landlord.

– Mr D Robinson

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