TD-MIXVENT | Domestic In-line Axial Duct Fan
Ventilation Simplified
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Two-speed domestic axial in-line fans designed to solve ventilation problems for ducted systems. The range is available in six sizes ranging from 100mm-315mm ducting and with airflow performances up to 1860 m³/h. Flexible location enables the TD-MIXVENT fans to be connected to any point on the ventilation duct; at the beginning, in-between or at the end, without the loss of any performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Guide vanes as standard
  • Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.)
  • Low profile to allow for ease of installation in narrow spaces
  • Models with run-on timers available
  • Sealed for life ball bearings
  • IP44 rated


  • Removable central cartridge for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Versatile
  • Can be mounted at any place on the air duct
  • Speed controllable
  • Two year guarantee


   Variable Speed

   The fans can be controlled by the REB-1N external variable speed controller (except for the MV 2000/315 which is controlled by the REB-2N).

Product Code TD-250/100 TD-250/100T* TD-350/125 TD-500/150 TD-500/150T* TD-800/200 TD-1000/250 TD-2000/315
Single Speed   *     *      
Two Speed *   * *   * * *

TD Mixvent dimensions

TD Mixvent performance