Pluggit Refresh Heat Recovery System
Ventilation Simplified
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Pluggit refresh

Innovative Heat Recovery System for Refurbishments.

Pluggit refresh

The Pluggit refresh system is the heat recovery solution suitable for the refurbishment of existing buildings. The system is virtually invisible due to the elegant design and can be installed quickly and efficiently without the residents having to leave their property.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevention of mould
  • Saving heating energy
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Protects the fabric of the building
  • Installed while occupants in residence
  • Complete flexible system
  • Can be installed anywhere without difficulty
  • Virtually invisible due to the elegant design
  • Low noise levels

The Pluggit refresh is a heat recovery solution suitable for the refurbishment of existing buildings. The Pluggit refresh system is virtually invisible due to the slimline design and can be installed quickly and efficiently without the residents having to leave the property. Installed along the ceilings, and covered with a faceplate it is unobtrusive.

With a Pluggit refresh heat recovery system the humidity levels within the property are kept at a constant level between 40% and 50%, which is ideal for indoor air quality, health purposes and the building's fabrication.

Pluggit Refresh Air Handling Unit

Pluggit refresh air handling unit
The slim space-saving ventilation unit is, for example, placed above kitchen cabinets and can be integrated visually by fitting a covering panel on site. Mounting can be horizontal or vertical. In accordance with the principle of heat recovery, the fresh air is pre-heated in an energy-efficient manner via a heat exchanger using the exhaust air, and ensures a ideal indoor climate.

Pluggit Exhaust Air Outlet

PluggFlex Channel Ducting
Sound-absorbing supply and exhaust air ducts. 

Pluggit Extract Air Outlet
Exhausted, damp-laden air is continuously extracted into the heat recovery ventilation unit and then out to atmosphere.

Pluggit Outside Wall Mounted Hood
There is only one exterior wall outlet required.

Pluggit Distribution ModulePluggit Distribution Module
The supply and exhaust air is led into and from the corresponding rooms through the T-shaped distribution module. The air volume can be commisioned individually. Cleaning can be carried out effortlessly due to access panels in the T-piece. 

Pluggit Fresh Air Outlet

Pluggit Fresh Air Outlet

The supply air enters the living room areas through supply air outlets, which are positioned close to the ceiling (Qoanda effect), and distributed evenly and without draughts. Sophisticated technology allows the even distribution of the airflow.

REFRESH   Air Handling Unit 
EV-PK150   Flexible Channel Ducting 
EV-PK200   Flexible Channel Ducting 
EV-IPCWH   Outside Wall Mounted Hood 
 EV-IPC200   Insulation Pipe
EV-IPCAS   Insulation Pipe Connecting Piece 
EV-IPCAD  Insulation Pipe Adaptor
EV-IPCBO  Insulation Pipe Elbow
EV-IPCBS  Lateral Insulation Pipe Elbow
EV-TS150-150-150  T-Piece
EV-TS150-200-150  T-Piece
EV-TSS150-200-150  Lateral T-Piece
EV-YS200-150-150  Y-Piece
EV-RVT150  Distributor Module
EV-RHPK150  Single Holder
EV-RHDK150  Double Holder
EV-RKO150  Fresh Air Outlet
EV-UEK150  End Cap
EV-REV150  Extract Air Outlet
EV-BS090-150  Lateral Elbow

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