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Low Energy Whole House Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit


Centralised MEV Systems can be an energy efficient and cost effective alternative to installing numerous extract fans. Developed to meet the requirements of system 3 in accordance with Part F of the Building Regulations, the systems provide all year round, good indoor air quality using the lowest energy consumption.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable pivoting spigots for optimum flexibility
  • Low watt motor technology
  • Innovative pivoting duct connections
  • Rapid installation kit
  • Available with intelligent humidity sensing valves for demand controlled ventilation
  • Ease and flexibility of installation, horizontal, vertical on floors, ceiling or walls
  • Quiet operation only 30 dB(A)
  • Compact design
  • OZEO version SAP Appendix Q eligible
  • Two year guarantee
  • Meets system 3 of the Building Regulations: Part F


OZEO Mechanical Extract Ventilation System

Highly, efficient, the OZEO is SAP Appendix Q eligible and Energy Saving Trust Best Practice Performance Compliant, delivering a specific fan power down to 0.24 W/l/s.

It is supplied as standard with a wireless control switch including timer function, which allows the user to select one of three speeds. Both high and medium speed can be set according to the airflow requirements during commissioning.

The OZEO has been designed for ease of maintenance and has a self-cleaning backward curved impeller. The front plate simply unclips for quick access if required.

Intelligent Valves

The OZEOs are designed to work in conjunction with intelligent, self-adjusting humidity valves to provide a complete demand controlled ventilation solution.

The Ø125mm valves will automatically respond to conditions within specific rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, and operate accordingly to meet the ventilation requirement. Models include automatic, remote switch or pull cord operated versions, which can be specified according to airflow requirements. In addition, intelligent automatic PIR sensing valves are available for areas such as WCs or wet rooms.

Ultra Compact

The OZEOs have been designed for utmost ease and flexibility of installation. The inlets pivot 90°, whilst the double injection self-sealing duct connections enable a fast and safe connection without the need for extra tools or clamps*. The exhaust outlet on the OZEO can be rotated 360°.

Most Flexible Installation Around

They can be installed horizontally or vertically on floors, ceilings or walls. The compact design allows the units to fit into narrow ceiling voids and the pivoting spigots significantly reduce the space normally required once ductwork is connected.

The rapid installation kit and mounting template facilitates convenience and speed of installation for the installer.

OZEO MEV Installation


OZEO DC version (wireless)
OZEO HW DC version (hard wired)
OZEO E AC version (hard wired)
BEHT15/50-125 Self adjustable humidity valve
BEHT/DP7.5/50-125 PIR valve
BEHC/E6/40/90-125 Humidity sensing electronic boost valve
BOOST OZEO RF Additional wireless boost switch

OZEO MEV Dimensions

OZEO MEV Performance

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