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A sustainable and charitable business, with a heart

Some business are totally preoccupied with the bottom line. We see things differently and have a wider view. We’re not only responsible for our staff and clients, but we also feel responsible for the people in our communities who need help and our impact on the environment. That’s why our ongoing commitments to both Sustainability and Charitable Giving, featuring wide-ranging initiatives, are so close to our hearts.

Our Roadmap to Achieve Net-Zero Carbon by 2030

We are proud to commit to Net-Zero by 2030.

We have developed a roadmap, which is built up of 4 areas; our zero carbon head office, our tree planting program, our company vehicles and on-going sustainability actions.

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Sustainability isn’t a token gesture or a box to haphazardly tick, it’s a complete way of life for EnviroVent. Since 1997, the EnviroVent name has been synonymous with environmental ventilation. Over the years, we’ve continually improved the way we work, re-engineered our products and strengthened our sustainability credentials. Now the “enviro” element of our name is not only about improving the environment of our customers, but also our environmental impact on the world.

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Charitable Giving

We’re very fortunate to be a thriving, healthy business. It’s something we never take for granted though. Being successful and having a great team of people puts us in the perfect position to be able to help others who might need it. We have an extensive Charitable Giving Programme that involves all our staff and donates and fundraises for charities, not just in our hometown of Harrogate, but also Stockton, Liverpool and Scarborough, as well as nationally.

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Wellbeing at EnviroVent

It’s true. If you look after your staff, they’ll look after the productivity and success of the company. We believe that working at EnviroVent is a rewarding experience thanks in some part to a whole raft of staff wellbeing initiatives that we have put together.

Whether it’s understanding and support for the mind and body or schemes and perks that make life that bit easier and more enjoyable, our wellbeing programme is making a difference right across the team.

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