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Why Ventilate?

The effect of not having good quality air in the home is dramatic. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors and 70% of this time is spent in their own home. The indoor living environment is therefore crucial to the health of the occupants.

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Condensation Problems

If condensation occurs over a prolonged period of time, other signs will start to appear such as damp patches on walls, peeling wallpaper and ultimately black mould growth.

Condensation Problems
What Is Condensation?
What Causes Condensation?
How Do I Prevent Condensation?
How Can I Control Condensation?
Why Does Condensation Form on Windows?
What Causes Condensation in Different Rooms?
Preventing Condensation on Windows


Damp Problems

Condensation is arguably the most common form of damp issue found in the home with 1 in 5 properties throughout the UK affected.

Damp Problems
What Is Damp?
What Causes Damp?
How Can I Prevent Damp In My Home?
How Can I Get Rid Of Damp?
Why Do I Get Damp Patches On Internal Walls?
Do Dehumidifiers Help with Damp?


Asthma & Allergies

As most asthma or allergy sufferers will know, the common house dust mite can play a major part in aggravating their symptoms and high levels of humidity in the home is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites.

Asthma & Allergies
What Causes Asthma In The Home?
How to Reduce Asthma Triggers
How to Reduce Allergy Triggers
How Do I Get Rid Of House Dust Mites?
How Can I Prevent Hay Fever?
How Can I Get Rid Of Pet Dander?
Black Mould and Asthma



Radon Gas

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. Health studies from around the world have linked exposure to Radon to the increased risk of lung cancer.

Radon Gas
What Is Radon?
How Can I Test For Radon?
How Can I Reduce Radon Gas Levels?
What are the Heatlh Risks of Radon Gas
Where is Radon Gas a Problem in the UK?
How can Radon Affect Heealth?


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