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Poor indoor air quality could be making your allergies worse. Find out how our ventilation systems can help

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Did you know that poor indoor air quality is associated with around 50% of all illnesses?

Many respiratory illnesses including allergies, and hay fever can be triggered by allergens in the home including mould spores, dust, and the by-products of house dust mites.  In addition to this, poor indoor air quality can cause headaches and fatigue.

On average, including sleeping, we spend around 70% of our time inside our homes, which means the environment inside our houses is crucial to our health.  For people with allergies like Hay Fever, a house swimming with Allergens and Volatile Organic Compounds can be devastating to health.

Reducing the amount of pollen that enters your home

Pollen is the allergic trigger for hay fever, and it is a particular problem during the spring and summer.  Opening windows to allow fresh air into a building will inevitably allow more pollen to enter the building too.

The only way to reliably reduce the amount of pollen that gets into a house, and to speed up the removal of that pollen is through filtered ventilation systems.  Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems filter the air as it is pulled into the house and remove small particles including pollen.

Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are airborne contaminants that have been released inside the home. They are often found within consumer products like cleaning products and aerosols, VOCs can be released from the fabric of a building and are contained in adhesives, solvents and treatments that are used during the building process. VOCs are associated with causing tiredness as well as leading to allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Reducing the concentration of VOCs in your home environment requires a combination of choosing cleaning products that contain fewer chemicals and the improvement of ventilation which will help to dissipate the concentration of these chemicals and lessen their effects

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home Today

If you are concerned that your home environment is making you ill or causing unwanted allergic reactions, then taking steps to improve air quality can help.

Book a free survey of your property where our local specialist will be able to measure the quality of your air and discuss your options to install a  ventilation system that will help reduce pollen and prevent the build-up of Volatile Organic Compounds that could be damaging your health.


Have asthma or allergies & want to improve your indoor air quality?

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