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Gender Pay Gap Report

At EnviroVent we are passionate about opportunities for all and are proud of the diverse and inclusive working environment we have created. This passion is driven and lead from the top. On our Board of Directors, we have three nationalities and the Board is made up of four females and three males. We have two Directors who work part time.

We are proud of our commitments to the development of all our employees and specifically the commitment we have made to all our employees to have the opportunity to be coached by 2024. In addition to this we are launching our first people strategy that will set clear direction and guidance for attraction, selection and reward, this will help us work towards reducing our pay gap.

Our Workforce

Within our workforce we have 15 nationalities and we speak 22 different languages; our workforce is made up of 68% male and 32% female. (05 April 2018).

Gender Pay Reporting – An Overview

Gender pay gap reporting is a relatively new annual requirement for organisations with 250 employees or more. We are required to report annually on six different measures:

It is important to note that this is different to the requirement to pay men and women equal pay for equal work. We are confident we pay men and women equally for doing like-for-like work. Gender pay reporting shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women across the organisation as a whole. The data must be published on our website and the report shows us how large the pay gap is between our male and female employees. The reporting takes a snapshot at a point in time, it is important to note that pay gaps can fluctuate from month to month and across pay quartiles depending on changes to headcount.

Our Data

Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap

The mean average hourly wage paid to women at Envirovent is 26% lower than the average hourly wage paid to men - this is against a national average of 17.4%. The median average hourly wage paid to women at Envirovent is 38% lower than the median average hourly wage paid to men - this is against a national average of 18.1%

Bonus Pay Gap

Across each of the divisions where a bonus payment is applicable the same eligibility rules to all colleagues.

Quartile Split

As part of gender pay gap reporting we split colleagues in to four groups ‘quartiles’ by hourly rate.

At EnviroVent our gender pay gap is not caused by unequal pay for women but by the impact of a higher percentage of women undertaking head office support roles. Our office teams are predominately female, with 62% of females occupying these positions. In comparison we have a higher proportion of men employed in Sales and Installer positions which attract bonuses and higher salaries.

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. However, we are keen to ensure that all of our roles are attractive to as wide a pool as possible internally and externally and will address this through the ambitions in our people strategy. I confirm that the gender pay gap information provided in this report is accurate.

Shauna Purdey
HR Director