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Installing a new ventilation solution in a property? Replacing old technology in 50 properties? Whatever the type or scale of the project, we’re here to help.

When the kitchens and bathrooms in your properties come to the end of their life, EnviroVent products are robust, highly efficient and designed to improve indoor air quality, removing mould and damp problems with minimal maintenance and long-term warranties. In fact, our products are permanent solutions that are built to last and guaranteed to out-perform your asset plan. So you instantly start enjoying year after year savings.

Procurement Groups

EnviroVent products are the first choice for buying groups throughout the UK. We are proud to work with some of the most powerful procurement groups and we provide outstanding and highly efficient customer service. We can collaborate closely with your supply chain partners to become a valuable and reliable component of your network, meeting tight delivery deadlines and providing dependable, technologically advanced UK-made products covered by long-term warranties.

EnviroVent Stockists

We supply our products through 1,200 major stockists nationwide, ensuring that wherever you are in the UK, you can have access to our advanced kitchen and bathroom extraction technology. If you require advice as to which is the best ventilation solution for your properties, our UK-wide sales team are here to help.

EnviroVent UK Stockists

Filterless Infinity

The EnviroVent Filterless Infinity Fan is designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for the rigours of Social Housing. It removes moisture and improves indoor air quality for all residents over the long term with minimal maintenance.

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, WCs – from simple through the wall installations, to ceiling, window and inline installations – Filterless Infinity is simple to install and residents can quickly, easily and safely clean it. Improving lifecycle costs, its precision engineering and reliability means we supply it with an unparalleled, no quibble 7 year maintenance-free and renewable warranty as standard.

Intellitrac Controls – constantly monitors humidity levels so no user intervention is needed

7 Year Warranty – High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle

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