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How Can I Control Condensation?

Condensation can affect almost any home from time to time. In some cases, it might be an occasional inconvenience, but in others it can develop into bigger problems including damp and mould. Condensation occurs when excess moisture in the air comes into contact with a cold surface, like a window and the most effective way to control condensation is through good airflow that prevents moisture from settling. Even if you have good ventilation in your home, there are still things to do to control condensation and stop if becoming a problem.

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Controlling Condensation Around Your Home

The majority of moisture in the air of your home comes from the following rooms:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Ensuite
  • WCs
  • Utility Room

The amount of condensation that can form in your home depends on the temperature.  Warm air can hold more moisture which is why condensation tends to form on cold surfaces and during colder times of the year when windows are closed and there is less natural air flow.  Removing moisture rich air from your wet rooms as quickly as possible reduces the amount of condensation that can form elsewhere in your home.


Are Extractor Fans Enough to Control Condensation?

If you have severe problems with condensation throughout your home, it’s possible that the extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen are not sufficient to control humidity levels. 

A ventilation specialist can carry out a free survey in your property and measure moisture levels around your home to find out where condensation is coming from and advise you about whether the air flow provided by your existing extractor fans are enough to control condensation.  If not, you might consider upgrading to a whole house ventilation system such as EnviroVent’s ATMOS® to prevent moisture levels getting too high and causing issues like black mould on your walls and ceilings which can be damaging to health.


Does Positive Input Ventilation help with Condensation?

EnviroVent’s ATMOS® is a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system.  This is a whole house ventilation solution that delivers fresh filtered air throughout the home, gently ventilating the property continually and preventing humidity levels from building up.

Unlike Extractor fans which directly expel air from the property, PIV systems dilute the humidity levels with air drawn in from outside to displace the moist air.  This creates a healthier environment all year around by reducing condensation and the problems such as damp and mould that it causes.


Does Insulation Make Condensation Worse?

Modern, energy efficient homes are designed to retain heat and prevent warm air from escaping.  This means that without good ventilation, the moisture in the air is also trapped leading to more condensation. 

As heating bills rise, good insulation is increasingly important, but ventilation should not be overlooked – in fact, through the use of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, heat loss can be minimised while improving airflow.  Efficient heat exchangers are used to extract the warmth from the humid air that is being expelled from the building to heat the incoming air.


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If you are struggling with condensation in your home and are worried about the health risks that mould and damp can lead to, speak to one of our local specialists.  They can visit your home to carry out a free home survey that will identify the causes of condensation and then provide advice about the most efficient way of solving the problem.  Simply enter your postcode below to find your local expert.


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