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How Can I Control Condensation?

Condensation control will only be permanent if a constant flow of good ventilation is provided to the home. Once you have taken the necessary measures to prevent condensation from getting worse it is important to take action to ensure that the condensation is kept under control.

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Condensation occurs when excess moisture in the air comes into contact with a cold surface, like a window.

Areas To Control Condensation:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Ensuite
  • WCs
  • Utility Room

The colder winter months can also intensify any condensation issues making it ever harder to control the condensation. In the summer we can help reduce the amount of condensation forming by opening windows however, in winter it just isn't practical to have open windows in regard to both temperature and keeping your home secure. 


However, if the problem you are experiencing is severe, especially in the rooms listed above and the surrounding areas, it could mean that the existing extractor fans are unable to cope with the volume of moisture being generated.

Investing in a whole house condensation control unit will guarantee that the home is ventilated and free from condensation. Condensation problems worsen very quickly, as excess moisture builds up fast and if there is nowhere for this large amount of moisture to go it will begin to cause issues like black mould.  


EnviroVent’s ATMOS® is a condensation control system that can deliver fresh, filtered, clean air into the home, gently ventilating the property using a technique called Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).

This method dilutes high levels of humidity, reducing the amount of mositure in the air and removing condensation and harmful household contaminants, creating a healthy all year round living environment free from condensation.


Insulation usually takes top priority which ensures our homes retain heat and are energy efficient. Becoming energy efficient means we need to ensure that we ventilate correctly so that the property can breathe. 

If a property is too tightly insulated and the ventilation has not been properly created, the moisture will build up. Again, this build up of moisture will cause condensation. It can even cause problems in new build properties if the ventilation fitted is not adequate enough for the household and the dwelling.


The good news is that hundreds of thousands of households across the nation have already successfully taken steps to control the condensation within the home by getting a condensation control unit installed.

These days condensation dampness is no longer associated with poor housing; it is becoming a growing problem within homes which have been refurbished with energy saving materials such as double glazing and cavity wall insulation. You will often see condensation on windows and around window frames as this excess moisture is trying to escape the property. 


An MVHR system works by extracting any damp, moist, stale air from kitchens, bathrooms, utilities, WC's and en suites. These areas are prone to a build-up of moisture which can lead to condensation and mould. An MVHR system will also supply fresh filtered air into the habitable rooms in your house.

Heat recovery is a domestic heat recovery system, which is increasingly used to reduce the heating and cooling demands of buildings. Heat recovery systems typically recover about 60–95% of the heat in exhaust air and have significantly improved the energy efficiency of buildings.

MVHR systems supply fresh filtered air

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Need help with condensation, mould or damp problems?