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Dehumidifiers Vs Whole House Ventilation

When it comes to signs of streaming windows or damp problems in our homes, our thoughts often turn to installing a dehumidifier, they're easy to pick up and put into your property but is that really problem solved?

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We'd all like to have the feeling of fresh air circulating through our properties but unfortunately in the British Climate this is a lot easier said than done. Additionally, if you work all day or live on the ground floor you maybe concerned to leave your windows open all day for security risks. 

If you want to get rid of stale, humid air in your home the first port of call is usually a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is an electric appliance designed to remove excess moisture from the air and keep a room at optimum humidity. They can help keep condensation at bay which in turn prevents damp and improves the air quality in your home but there are limitations to purchasing a dehumidifier.


Benefits of a Dehumidifier

  • Relatively cheap, or at least cheap options - Just remember you get what you pay for!
  • Reduce humidity levels, combatting mould and damp and improving air quality.
  • Reduce skin irritants and allergens to dust.
  • With less humidity your clothes and bedding dry quicker.

Cons of Dehumidifiers

  • Dehumidifiers blow out warm air from the back of the unit, whilst this maybe a perk in the winter during the summer it could result in excess overbearing heat. The machine would also be needed throughout seasons; winter to combat damp but summer to cut down on pollen.
  • Usually cause an increase in energy costs.
  • Dehumidifiers collect water meaning they need to be regularly emptied.
  • They also need to be regularly cleaned otherwise black mould can start to grow on the machine , which can induce a wide range of health problems including allergic reactions, lung problems and irritation.

Why choose a whole house ventilation solution?

In comparison installing a whole house ventilation system may sound a little taunting but the long term and even short term benefits far outweigh the one-off installation.

  • It doesn't need to be emptied or cleaned.
  • Won't take up any room.
  • Can reduce energy costs.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Low noise level and cleverly positioned so causes little to no disruption to everyday life.
  • Reduces radon gas, eliminates condensation and prevents mould.
  • Has an ISO Course 65% (G5) filter to stop pollen/dust coming into the property, so maintains the benefits of good air quality in your home throughout the year, season to season.

So not only does a whole house ventilation solution do everything a dehumidifier does, it also doesn't come with any of the cons that a dehumidifier has.

Whole House Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality may not be high on your list of concerns. Most people don't associate health problems with the air in their homes and think, 'I'm just prone to headaches,' or 'my nose is always stuffy.' Yet, 81% of people are at risk of respiratory problems or dermatological conditions due to the air in their homes. There can be up to 900 toxins polluting the quality of our indoor air.

These indoor air pollutants can have serious long term health effects on our bodies. We know there is a direct correlation between smoking and health effects like heart disease, however indoor pollution can also cause respiratory problems. 

Whole house ventilation is the best way to ensure the incoming air that comes into your property is fresh and filtered. 

Air pollution causes asthma

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