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How Can I Reduce Radon Gas Levels?

The good news is remedial measures to control the penetration of radon are both proven and remarkably simple. The most effective method of mitigating the problem is to install a heavy duty plastic-type membrane during the construction of the dwelling.

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For existing buildings a more practical proposition is to install a Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) which sits in a loft of a house or on the wall in a hallway in a flat or bungalow.


How Can I Mitigate Radon Gas?

PIV systems are proven to be effective units in significantly reducing radon gas levels, the system works by gently supplying fresh, filtered air into the property. This process changes the airflow direction within the dwelling to force the air contaminated by radon out of the home.


In addition, PIV systems can also overcome poorly installed membrane systems or compensate for potential tears and cracks which may appear at a later stage. What’s more these whole house ventilation systems can help reduce your heating bills and improve the air quality in your home all year round.


PIV has proved to be effective in the mitigation of radon gas emissions where radon readings are below two hundred becquarels.

The process involved changes the airflow direction within the property to gently force the contaminated air out of the property and brings in fresh, clean air which has been filtered by the Positive Input Ventilation unit before entering the property.

EnviroVent have a range of effective PIV units that not only tackle radon but also eliminate condensation, prevent mould and improve indoor air quality which can reduce asthma triggers.  

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