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How Can I Prevent Mould Growing?

Preventing the underlying problem of mould in the home can help save you money and ensure that you remain healthy. Today, mould prevention is now more important than ever as we take steps to make our homes as energy efficient as possible.

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Energy is an expensive commodity so it pays to put measures in place which, in the long term, will help to save money on heating bills and prevent heat loss. However, by adding improvements such as double glazing, cavity wall and loft installation, the home’s natural ventilation is reduced.


Effectively, the home is being ‘sealed up’ and is unable to breathe.

As a result of this, high levels of humidity are left trapped inside the home, overtime this will lead to condensation and the appearance of mould. Of course you can always open the windows but in the middle of a cold winter this defeats the object of preventing heat loss.


Once you have a problem with mould, no matter how many times you clean, scrub, paint and even successfully remove it, the problem will always persist.

The root cause, which in a lot of cases is inadequate ventilation, can be easily solved by investing in a whole house ventilation unit.

Once you have taken preventative measure it is then important that you remove any existing mould in your home.

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