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Teamwork that Champions the Environment

The ingenuity of our colleagues and their concern for the environment never ceases to amaze us. They’re passionate about what they do and the impact they make on the planet. Yes, the business looks at the big picture, but there are many other important positive things that anyone who works at EnviroVent can do to improve and help our environment.

Green Warriors Team

The Green Warriors Team is an environmentally-conscious squad of employees from all over the business. They listen to and then present the innovative sustainability ideas of their department’s colleagues at a monthly Green Warriors meeting. Any initiatives that excite, support sustainability and environmental change, however big or small, are put into action.

Tree Planting

The Green Warriors Team are also involved in our drive to offset our carbon emissions. We kicked off the initiative by planting 1,000 trees and The Green Warriors Team are creating and running ongoing fundraising employee events and activities with all proceeds going to our tree planting partner MoreTrees.

Cardboard Shredder

One colleague noticed that we often accumulated damaged cardboard boxes. Why not buy a cardboard shredder to shred damage boxes and use it as filler packaging for products. We put their idea into action.

Eco-friendly at Home

The entire Green Warriors Team agreed that being sustainable shouldn’t stop at 5:30pm on workdays. They looked at ways to encourage colleagues to be more environmentally friendly at home. Articles giving ideas, tips and advice as how to do this are regularly published in Workplace, our staff newsletter.


An employee in the office thought there must be an environmentally-friendly electronic alternative to the printed faxes that the business receives. EFax is now promoted throughout the business to reduce paper waste.

Recycling Hubs

Noticing that under desk bins weren’t exactly the most environmental answer to office waste, one Green Warriors suggested the introduction of Recycling hubs. These were made available throughout the company separating cans, paper cups, cardboard, soft plastic and hard plastic for recycling.

Double Sided Printing

There are two sides to a sheet of paper, so why not print on both, thought one colleague. Working with IT, the Green Warriors ensured that all PCs automatically printed double sided by default saving reams of paper every year.