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Environmentally Friendly Ventilation Systems

We strive to innovate and create class-leading products and systems that improve the environment of our customers. We simultaneously aim to make the minimum environmental impact we possibly can on the planet. To do this, our products, and the way we produce them, have to be uniquely effective and efficient. Environmentally friendly ventilation systems in more ways than one.

Lifetime Product Range

Lifetime Range®

Engineered with sustainable components to dramatically reduce maintenance and lifecycle costs, our Lifetime Range® of products is designed to outlast the properties in which they are installed. Catering for every domestic ventilation need, Lifetime products offer local ventilation fans for kitchen and bathrooms and Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) options.

EnviroVent Ultra Low Watt Motor

Every Lifetime Range® product features this EnviroVent eco technology which allows fans to operate using the lowest possible energy to generate efficient power and reduce carbon emissions.

Lifetime Range® Reduces Landfill

1.5 million ventilation products manufactured and installed in UK housing stock every year, inevitably end up on landfill sites after a short life span. Lifetime Range® products have built-in sustainability and longevity to minimise their environmental impact.

Dependable Warranties

Every single product in the Lifetime Range® comes with either a 5, 7 or 10 year warranty. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind that not only are you getting a reliable product, you’re doing your bit for the planet and won’t be confining it to landfill soon.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) is a revolutionary and highly-sustainable whole house ventilation system. It does two things – it supplies and extracts air throughout a property. The result is an incredibly energy efficient and economical environment.

Why properties need MVHR?

As a consequence of recent drives to improve building efficiency through improved insulation, draught proofing and double glazing, buildings have become more airtight. That means less ventilation, which can adversely affect our health and the fabric of the property. MVHR solves these problems extracting stale, moist air, recovery the heat form it and then providing fresh filtered air, energy efficiency and a comfortable environment.

Creating a healthier environment

MVHR delivers a constant stream of clean air to create a healthy, stable environment free from condensation and mould. People with asthma, have respiratory problems, or who are sensitive to dust mites can also feel the benefits of MVHR.

Recovers 60-95% of heat

Heat recovery vastly improves the energy efficiency of a property so it is kinder on our planet. Systems typically recover between 60-95% of the heat in exhaust air and MVHR are widely regarded as the most efficient heat recovery ventilation system.

Product Recycling

We bench test our products three times before they leave the factory, which greatly reduces the frequency of faults and returns. Rather than going straight to waste, any products returned to EnviroVent head office are immediately checked by our Quality Control team. If we detect a faulty product, we will rectify it. If any are unrepairable, we break them down and recycle them. We even send any non-EnviroVent fans we remove from properties for recycling by our zero to landfill waste management company.

Planet-friendly Packaging

We are in the process of carrying out an extensive review of all our packaging. The first of many things we are addressing is the elimination of single use plastic, replacing it with environmentally-friendly alternatives. There is wide variety of options available including packaging made from 100% biodegradable potato starch which can be used for bags and shrink wrap.