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Planting thousands of trees every year

CO2 is an increasing threat to the environment and we’re doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. One of the most natural and efficient ways to combat its rising levels is to have more trees which absorb CO2 and replenish the air with oxygen. That’s why we’re planting thousands of trees every year, for the next 10 years, which could completely offset our carbon emissions.

A Long Term Commitment

We know there’s no quick fix to tackling global warming. What’s needed is for everyone to make a serious long term commitment to cutting and offsetting their CO2 emissions with the ultimate aim of becoming carbon neutral. To help us achieve this, we have partnered with MoreTrees who will plant trees responsibly on our behalf over a long term period and then manage them for life.

1,000 Trees Planted at Launch

We wanted our tree planting programme to make an immediate positive impact on the environment. That’s why at launch of our planet-friendly campaign on Earth Day 2021, we gave MoreTrees the go ahead to plant 1,000 trees. Straightaway, these trees have offset 300 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and are contributing oxygen.

5,000 Trees Planted Each Year

We’ve got off to a flying start with over 1,000 trees planted from day one. However that is nothing compared to what we aim to do. Each year, via our partner MoreTrees, we will be planting 5,000 trees. This will remove a total of approximately 1,500 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. That’s a huge amount that, by our calculations, could offset all of EnviroVent’s carbon emissions, making us carbon neutral in 10 years.

1 Tree Planted For Every Lifetime Range® ATMOS® System Sold

We are also enabling our customers, including homeowners, landlords and letting agents to get involved in the programme. We have committed to planting one tree for every ATMOS® whole house ventilation system sold and installed by EnviroVent.

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Why Lifetime Range® ATMOS® Systems?

The Lifetime Range® is a dedicated range of environmentally-friendly ventilation systems with ultra-low watt motors, engineered with sustainable components that are designed to outlast the property they are installed in and be incredibly energy efficient. ATMOS® systems improve the environment inside a property by bringing fresh filtered air in, eliminating condensation and mould, whilst reducing pollutants, allergens and dust mites.

The Green Warriors Team Tree Planting

EnviroVent staff at all levels are heavily involved in our tree planting initiative. Throughout 2021, The Green Warriors Team – our highly motivated, environmentally-conscious squad of employees – will be encouraging everyone here to contribute in a number of ways. The team will be dreaming up and organising charity initiatives, such as dress-down days, with all proceeds going to MoreTrees for tree planting.

Why MoreTrees?

Selecting MoreTrees as our tree planting partner to help us achieve our carbon offsetting target was an obvious choice. They align perfectly with our CSR values as they support local communities and people by providing jobs, training and a fair wage for villagers to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty across the world. The trees planted not only help fight deforestation, they’re managed for life too to ensure longevity. Plus, when trees are planted, MoreTrees provides us with environmental data and a certificate, so we can see the difference we’re making.

Astonishing Trees Fact!

Trees really are quite amazing. For example, did you know that just one mangrove tree offsets 0.3 tonnes of CO2 over its growth life. That’s the equivalent to the CO2 emissions from driving 732.9 miles in a standard car. Now can you imagine what even a small forest can do?