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One planet-friendly place to work

We want to help the environment, so the obvious place to look at first is our own working environment. Our new headquarters building in Harrogate aims to be zero carbon. We’ve examined all areas of our current manufacturing facility and distribution centre and have made a number of changes, some big, others small, all of which contribute to minimising our effect on the environment. So far, we’ve saved hundreds of tonnes in carbon emissions.

Reducing and Recycling Waste

We try to minimize waste at our headquarters and any that is generated is separated using waste hubs located all over the building. We’re thorough too, separating metal, paper, cardboard, hard plastic, soft plastic and general waste. We even use a zero to landfill waste management company which ensures everything is recycled and reused, and guarantees any general waste does not go to landfill. By recycling more, we’ve cut general waste by 33%, which equates to 34 tonnes. In fact we’ve reduced all waste by 31%, which is 150 tonnes.

Printer Cartridge and Waste Reuse

Whilst we try to operate as paperless an office as we can, there are certain documents that we do need to print out. Empty printer cartridges and used toner waste bottles are collected by a local charity for reuse or recycling. So we not only put less strain on the environment, we help a charity in the process.

Paperless Future

EnviroVent has been working hard towards operating paperlessly. We’ve contacted all our clients to ask them to either email or EFax any paperwork to us. We have also invested in an online purchase requisition system that allows colleagues to create a purchase requisition process that eliminates any need for paper. Plus we’ve eliminated the need to print orders with scanners that also improve order picking accuracy.

LED Lighting

We are replacing inefficient traditional filament and halogen lighting and are rolling out a system of low energy LED motion activated lighting throughout our distribution centre, warehouse and production areas. Activated by motion and light sensors, these will ensure we have light only when we need it.As a 5 watt LED is the equivalent of a standard 40 watt standard bulb, it will dramatically reduce energy usage by 87.5%.

Water Bottles

To eradicate any need for PET single use bottles of water and to help keep staff properly hydrated and healthy, we provide every member of staff with a reusable water bottle. By refilling these, and not using plastic or paper cups, we stop unnecessary waste going to landfill. It all adds up.

IT Equipment Reuse

We are conscious of the resources required in the manufacture of IT equipment. That is why we only update our IT when we need to. When we do eventually upgrade, wherever possible, any old IT equipment or parts are reworked, reused or donated to charity.

Paper Recycling

We try wherever possible to use electronic methods, but some paperwork is currently unavoidable. We have a number of confidential waste consoles at our head office. All paperwork, confidential or not, is placed in these for recycling and never in general waste. As a result, in 2020 alone, we recycled 5.90 tonnes of paper, saving the equivalent of 110 trees.