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Barratt’s Zed House & The EnviroVent MEV 300

EnviroVent - sustainable manufacturing

EnviroVent prides itself on designing and manufacturing sustainable, low energy domestic ventilation solutions, which create all year round, healthy fresh and ideal indoor environments.

Our passion for providing good indoor air quality is as strong now as it was 30 years ago, offering an outstanding service to our customers by investing in the development of award-winning ventilation products that are packed with innovative and patented features.

Our extensive product range includes extract fans, positive input ventilation, heat recovery and mechanical extract ventilation systems.

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Planet-friendly ventilation that changes your world

Sustainability is a complete way of life for EnviroVent, a mission that is engrained into the organisation at all levels. Since 1997, the company has committed to improving the way it works and re-engineering its products with sustainability in mind, as well as strengthening its green credentials across the business. The “enviro” element of the company’s name is not only about improving the indoor environment of its customers, but also its environmental impact on the world.

EnviroVent have committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030. To meet this ambitious target, a number of sustainability practices have been put in place to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

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The MEV 300 is a neat little ventilation unit that keeps the air in your home fresh and healthy.

The MEV 300 & Barratt’s Zed House

The MEV 300 from EnviroVent was selected for the Barratt’s Zed House as it is constructed widely out of recyclable materials to reduce the impact on landfill and is designed to ensure that components can easily be replaced. Powered by DC motor technology, the range uses the lowest energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions.

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Innovative and low energy Mechanical Extract Ventilation

The MEV 160 and MEV 300 are versatile, compact and high performance systems with airflow rates up to 75l/s (270m3/hr) for the MEV 160 and 103l/s (370m3/hr) for the MEV 300.

Ideal for houses, apartments and other communal residences, such as care homes and student accommodation, it is designed with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air from the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

Achieving extremely low Specific Fan Powers, they are ideal for applications up to kitchen plus 6 additional wet rooms.

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Fast Track Range

The MEV 160 and 300 have been designed to connect to the Fast Track Range of ducting as an option. The units are available with two different versions of spigot pack to connect to either standard rigid or Fast Track ducting.

The EnviroVent Fast Track Range ensures rapid installation up to twice the speed of traditional screw and glue, proving a sustainable airtight connection.

  • Up to twice the speed of a traditional screw and glue installation
  • Antibacterial internal lining
  • Minimal energy consumption
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Install Friendly

The MEV 160 and 300 have been designed for utmost ease and flexibility of installation in mind. With an extremely low profile of 16cm and weighing in at just 5kg, it is perfect for where space is restricted. The unit can be installed horizontally on floors and ceilings or vertically on walls.

  • Lightweight, one-man installation, just 5kg
  • Minimalistic and compact profile of just 16cm
  • Rapid and easy installation
  • Extremely versatile
  • 6 twist, fix and release entry points
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