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Are Low Energy Use Fans as effective in your bathroom

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Are Low Energy Use Fans as effective in your bathroom

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Aug 23, 2021

Your bathroom is one of the main sources of humidity in your home, and as such, it is important to have effective ventilation to prevent that moisture escaping into other rooms where it can cause condensation.

According to building regulations, the minimum extract ventilation rate for an intermittent bathroom extractor fan is 15 litres of air per second, although most modern extractor fans are designed to extract at a much higher rate than this minimum.  The EnviroVent Silent 100 Fan  will achieve a much higher rate than this once installed.

The amount of energy that is used by a modern, efficient bathroom extractor fan like the Envirovent silent 100 is less than 10watts. The Envirovent Cyclone 7 is very low, with  a running cost of about £1.97 over the course of a year while still expelling the moist air from your bathroom to prevent condensation forming around the rest of your home.

What makes a fan efficient

Modern bathroom extractor fans are highly efficient as a result of improvements in technology.  At the heart of the fan is a motor which powers the air flow system

The latest extractor fans combine an efficient motor with other innovations like designs which do not require a filter.  Over time, filters can become clogged with dust.  This increases the amount of effort that is required to push air through the system and means that the system will need to use more energy.  Filterless systems stay efficient for longer.

A more powerful fan will be able to extract more moisture from a room in less time.  This means that it will not need to run at full power for as long, which saves money.   Traditional extractor fans have a timer attached that control the amount of time that the fan  runs on for .  Modern fans from EnviroVent include vapour sensing technology that measure the amount of moisture that is in the air and control the power levels so that they only use the amount of energy needed to reduce the humidity levels to prevent condensation.

Choosing a new Extractor Fan for your bathroom

When choosing a new bathroom extractor fan, it is important to choose a model which offers sufficient power to meet the needs of your room and home while also running as efficiently as possible.

To find out what solution is best for your needs, contact us today to book a free home survey from one of our local ventilation specialists.  They will be able to advise you about the correct solution for your home and provide a full installation service that will reduce condensation and protect your home from damp and mould problems for good.

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