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Asset Managers, Plan Ahead With The Filterless Infinity

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Asset Managers, Plan Ahead With The Filterless Infinity

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Nov 04, 2013

Housing associations have been in the position to pre-plan their housing maintenance for years, and now, thanks to the self financing system introduced in April 2012, local authorities are able to do the same. The role of the Asset Manager to plan 20 or 30 years ahead is fast becoming common place, which means more consideration is taken into account when it comes to purchasing or specifying a product. 

What does an Asset Manager need to consider when planning ahead:

  • Value for money
  • Environment characteristics
  • Energy efficiency
  • Longevity
  • Ongoing maintenance charges
  • Tenant usability
  • Guarantee offered

An extract fan Asset Manager's can have confidence in

When it comes to ventilation, the new Filterless Infinity Fan exceeds all of the above expectations. It offers the ultimate in product confidence with an amazing 7 year maintenance-free warranty along with the lowest lifecycle costs. After 7 years or beyond, the plug in/plug out central cartridge can be exchanged along with a further 7 year maintenance-free warranty.

The Filterless Infinity Fan is part of the award winning Lifetime Range® and is designed to never end up on a landfill site, engineered with sustainable components and a low energy motor to reduce your carbon footprint.

How does the Filterless Infinity work?

The Filterless Infinity uses EnviroVent’s patented Cyclone Separation Technology which enables it to ventilate without the requirement for filters. Take a look at the cool video which shows EnviroVent’s Cyclone Separation Technology in action!

Another unique feature of the Filterless Infinity is that it requires no user intervention whatsoever. Continuously running on trickle, the unit controls high levels of humidity, quietly combating condensation. And when it comes to commissioning – there are no fiddly selection switches! What’s more, the Filterless Infinity’s smart self -setting technology monitors and responds to the humidity levels in the home automatically, (it has intelligent vapour tracking controls which enables it to do this.) This means that no user intervention is necessary.

Fact:  The Filterless Infinity can boost to up to 4 times the minimum ventilation rate of the Building Regulations. Why is this important? Well, it is very useful when it comes to everyday household activities such as drying laundry indoors. The Filterless Infinity is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, WCs and utility rooms, the Filterless Infinity comes in a mains or SELV version and has a Usage Meter as standard to monitor its operational life.