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Condensation is a Becoming a More Common Problem for UK homes

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Condensation is a Becoming a More Common Problem for UK homes

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jul 03, 2023

Around 1 in 5 UK homes are affected by condensation damp, making it the most common type of damp. If it is not dealt with, condensation will lead to black mould growing on walls and ceilings. Apart from looking unsightly, mould can cause a variety of health problems including:

  • Depression
  • Rashes
  • Irritated eyes
  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Sneezing

Condensation caused damp is a result of how we live. The moisture that forms as condensation comes from bathing, cooking, and even breathing, and without good ventilation, it cannot escape from your home.

Why problems with condensation are increasing

Moisture is released into the air by many day-to-day activities like cooking, bathing, and even breathing. When the air meets cold surfaces, it cannot hold as much moisture and as a result forms droplets of condensation. This condensation can soak into the surface of walls and ceilings and form damp patches where mould will grow.

Unfortunately, many of the steps we take to make our homes more efficient can worsen condensation. By sealing the home to reduce draughts and installing insulation, we reduce natural airflow. Poor ventilation stops warm, damp air from leaving the house and allows humidity levels to build up.

The solution is proper ventilation

Good ventilation stops condensation.

Improving the ventilation in rooms which are a source of moisture helps remove some of the humidity from the air and reduces the risk of condensation. Good air circulation also stops the air from remaining in contact with cool surfaces for as long which also reduces condensation away from the sources of the moisture.

In Summer, it is easy to improve your ventilation naturally simply by opening a window. Unfortunately, this is not always practical. On chilly days open windows allow heat to escape, and if you live in a city or an area with high pollen levels, open windows are not always an option.

Modern ventilation systems, from simple extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms that expels moist air from cooking and bathing through to whole house Positive Input Ventilation systems improve air circulation and reduce condensation throughout your home.

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If you have problems with condensation in your home and are worried about the risk to your health of mould and damp, please book free home survey with your local condensation and ventilation specialist who will be happy to talk you through the best course of action.

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