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Could Mould Affect the Value of Your Home?

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Could Mould Affect the Value of Your Home?

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

May 08, 2024

According to research carried out among home buyers, finding mould in a property would put 44% of people off buying or renting a home.  Almost all respondents in the survey said that mould was a bad or very bad thing to see in a property.

Patches of mould spreading across walls and ceilings is an unpleasant sight, but it is also an indicator that there could be other problems in a home such as damp and condensation as well as contributing to health problems and allergies.

What causes mould

The spores that spread mould are found almost everywhere as part of the makeup of dust.  They are microscopically small and can easily be picked up and carried by the movement of air, but if they are able to settle in an environment where they can grow undisturbed, they can quickly develop into colonies that appear as black or dark green slimy patches.

Mould thrives in damp conditions and where there is little air movement.  Under such conditions, the mould spores have a chance to settle on a surface and can get the nutrients that they need to get started growing.  Mould, and its close relative mildew, can often be found on bathroom walls, around windows, and inside cupboards, as well as behind furniture.  These are places where you will often find condensation which can lead to damp if not addressed.

What Problems Does Mould Cause

Mould is unsightly and can damage paint and other surfaces, but it is also damaging to the health of people who live in a house.  The mould spores are an allergen, and if inhaled they can cause irritation in the airways that can worsen the symptoms of asthma.  Mould and dampness are also associated with lower mental health as well as skin irritation.

Some moulds such as toxic black mould (Stachybotrys Chartarum) release mycotoxins into the air which can be extremely harmful.

The potential of mould to cause health problems is one of the main reasons why it is seen as such a problem by potential home buyers.

Getting Rid of Mould

One of the reasons why mould is viewed as a major problem when buying or renting a house is the knowledge that it can be difficult to treat properly and can be a symptom of a deeper problem with the property.

Mould is relatively easy to clean off surfaces – using a dilute bleach mixture and wiping surfaces with a cloth will usually get rid of the worst of the mould, but you do need to wear eye and mouth protection to avoid a reaction.  However, mould also grows below the surface, and will quickly return if the cause is not addressed.

In order to get rid of mould for good, it is essential to look at what conditions are present that allow it to grow.  In most cases, the underlying cause of mould is a problem with condensation.  Condensation arises when warm, moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces and deposits water.  On porous surfaces, the water soaks in and over time, creates a damp patch which provides a suitable environment for mould to get a foothold.

To deal with mould problems properly and permanently, you need to remove the condensation problem, which usually means improving ventilation in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens through the use of an extractor fan or installing a whole house ventilation system.

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Are you planning to sell your home, and worried that the presence of mould might put off buyers and reduce its value?  We can help.  Our local ventilation specialists can carry out a free home survey that will identify the cause of mould in your property and we can provide advice about the best solution for your needs.  Contact us today to book an appointment and improve your indoor air quality to make your home more attractive to buyers.

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