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EnviroVent Marks Allergy Awareness Week With Startling Facts

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EnviroVent Marks Allergy Awareness Week With Startling Facts

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Apr 25, 2017

The UK’s leading ventilation manufacturer EnviroVent is marking Allergy Awareness Week (24th to 30th April) by revealing some startling facts.

  • 50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air quality. (Source
  • Furniture can be the single biggest producer of harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) within households. (Source:
  • Mould spores that contact skin, nasal and bronchial membranes can cause symptoms such as rhinitis, itchy eyes, eczema and asthma. (Source: Allergy UK)
  • When fresh, new paint is drying, indoor VOC levels can be up to 1,000 times higher than outdoor levels. (Source

EnviroVent advises that the only way to ensure that harmful levels of toxins in the home are reduced is to introduce an effective ventilation system. According to Asthma UK, most at risk are babies and children, elderly people, those with skin problems such as eczema, people with a weakened immune system and those with severe asthma.

Rebecca McLean, Product and Marketing Director at EnviroVent, said: “Introducing clean air into the home via a ventilation system is the key to controlling humidity levels and also ensuring that householders are breathing in fresh, filtered air all year round.”

She adds: “Mould growth is the most visible sign of high humidity. It prefers to grow in warm, damp conditions, such as kitchens or bathrooms, but can also migrate to the colder surfaces of living areas and starts to appear on walls in bedrooms, behind wardrobes and around window frames. Mould produces airborne spores that are an allergen and irritant, which can be associated with a significant increase in a variety of respiratory and asthma-related health conditions.”

Regular air changes are essential to improve indoor air quality and a really effective option is to ventilate the whole house with an EnviroVent Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system. This not only reduces relative humidity and tackles condensation, it also creates a healthier indoor environment.

However, if a home does not have condensation issues and one or more occupants suffers from allergies as a result of chemicals and other toxins, then EnviroVent recommends the Air Purifier P500 which is one of very few purification products on the market that has secured Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval. It purifies air efficiently to meet occupants’ specific needs and protects the home against the smallest particles in the air. This means it is ideal for families with young children, allergy sufferers and people living near busy main roads where high levels of air pollution is a concern. This system reduces allergens that are brought into the house via open windows, through pet dander or spread through footwear when people enter the property.

The Air Purifier P500 comes with an allergy filter as standard but multi-stage filters are also available. It can be fitted with three different filters which tackle allergies, smog or improve the air quality for children and babies.

The P500 has been scientifically tested under robust conditions giving homeowners the reassurance that it is effective at reducing and removing allergens from the environment.

For more information on improving the air quality in your home visit or call 0345 27 27 807 for more information.