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EnviroVent Secure Major Contract As Part Of Model Village Regeneration

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EnviroVent Secures Major New Contract As Part Of Model Village Regeneration

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Aug 08, 2017

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of energy efficient and sustainable ventilation products, EnviroVent, has been awarded a significant contract by Bolsover District Council, to improve air quality for 138 council owned, Grade II listed properties that make up the New Bolsover Model Village in Bolsover, Derbyshire.

EnviroVent will install Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems and Filterless Infinity Fans, as part of a £10m regeneration scheme, being delivered by Robert Woodhead Ltd, which includes £1.9m Heritage Lottery funding in recognition of the social, cultural and historical context of this picturesque village in Derbyshire.

New Bolsover Model Village was built in 1893 by the colliery company for its workers. There are 194, Grade II listed homes as part of the regeneration scheme, many of which are in need of refurbishment. The 138 council owned properties will receive new doors, windows, damp proofing, insulation, EnviroVent ventilation and all interior works. The privately owned properties will benefit from the exterior redevelopments, which will include bespoke features, in keeping with the unique characteristics of the properties.

John Moss, Head of Social Housing at EnviroVent explains: “When energy efficient property upgrades are carried out by social or private landlords or homeowners, due consideration is often not given to ventilation, which is an essential part of any upgrade and key to the scheme at the New Bolsover Model Village. Bolsover District Council recognises that efficient ventilation needs to be an integral part of this repair and restoration scheme in order to ensure good indoor air quality for residents.

When thermal performance is improved with the addition of new windows, doors and cavity wall insulation, properties can actually become airtight, leading to poor indoor air quality. Without adequate ventilation, moisture-laden air from everyday activities like cooking, bathing, laundry and even breathing, can become trapped, resulting in condensation, mould growth and a whole host of health risks for residents.”

Bolsover District Council Cabinet Member for housing, Councillor Mary Dooley comments: “New Bolsover was a model of how to do things in the 19th Century; this scheme showcases how 21st Century technologies can be used to preserve our heritage and make these living, breathing homes healthier for those who live in them.”

EnviroVent’s PIV and Filterless Infinity Fan systems reduce relative humidity and tackle condensation; they also create a healthier indoor environment for residents by transforming stagnant and stale atmospheres into fresh, healthy and condensation free environments. The PIV system does this by supplying a constant supply of fresh, filtered air to homes via a loft space. The innovative Filterless Infinity Fan systems incorporate a patented cyclone separation technology, which extracts stale, moist air without the need for filters.

For more information on ventilation solutions for refurb or new build projects, find your local EnviroVent Specialist Ventilation Advisor via or by calling 0345 27 27 807.