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Damp and Ventilation Specialists Can Help Protect Your Home

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Finding a Ventilation and Damp Specialist

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jan 26, 2022

It is estimated that one in five UK homes have problems with condensation that can, in time, lead to the development of damp and mould.  Solving damp issues in your home early helps you avoid expensive repair bills in the future, because if damp is allowed to worsen it can cause plasterwork to crumble and result in rotting window frames.  EnviroVent’s experienced damp specialists can assess the factors leading to damp in a home through a detailed survey and provide advice and in the case of condensation caused damp, will be able to provide ventilation solutions that will prevent the problem for good.

What causes damp?

There are several types of damp that are recognised in UK homes when damp specialists are called in.  Rising damp happens when there is a lack of damp course in walls, and moisture from the ground is drawn up into the walls.  Rising damp can often be diagnosed visually.  When there are stains on the lower parts of walls on the ground floor of a property and rotting plaster around skirting boards, it is a sure sign of damp getting into the walls from below.  Rising damp can be a complex issue to resolve and will require building work to be carried out.

Penetrating damp, where moisture is getting into the property through a leak in the roof, or around a window frame will often be confined to a small area in one room.  Thankfully, it is often easier to resolve than rising damp, but you may still require a builder to conduct repair work.

Condensation damp can occur anywhere in a building, although it is most commonly found on the outer walls and in rooms with poor airflow.  Condensation damp is caused when warm, moisture rich air comes into contact with cold surfaces and releases its water as droplets.  On porous surfaces such as wood or plaster, or on soft furniture, the condensation can soak in and build up below the surface.

How ventilation and damp specialists can help

A ventilation and damp specialist will have the experience needed to provide you with help and advice to resolve your issues with damp before they cause considerable damage to your home. 

In the case of condensation damp, they will be able to identify the activities in your home that are contributing to the moisture levels in the air and advise you about the best way to resolve them.  Elevated levels of humidity often originate from day-to-day activities including cooking, bathing, and even breathing.  A family of four will release almost 60 litres of water into the air each day, and without good ventilation or extractor fans, this water vapour will find its way onto cold surfaces and lead to damp and mould.

Envirovent’s specialists can help you address problems with condensation that can lead to damp.  They will conduct a survey of your home that helps you understand where poor airflow is a problem and can suggest the best type of ventilation system to reduce damp conditions.

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Is damp causing problems in your home?  Have you discovered mould growth on walls and are worried about the potential health risks it could cause?  We may be able to help.  Contact us today to book your free home survey, and our local specialists will help you improve the air quality in your home and banish damp for good.

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