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Improve SAP DER Points With Dynamic PIV

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Improve SAP DER Points With Dynamic PIV

By EnviroVent Jan 16, 2013

On your next new build project wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your U-Values and SAP DER points with a 2 in 1 solution?

Well now you can with Dynamic PIV, a whole house ventilation system from EnviroVent! But there is more to Dynamic PIV than meets the eye, it is a new technology which has been specifically tested by BRE to comply and work in -conjunction with Jabilte’s Dynamic Cavity Insulation. Together they achieve excellent DER points in SAP to meet Code Level 4 and above.  Dynamic PIV adds a whole new dimension to ventilation for SAP.

How does Dynamic PIV work?

Dynamic PIV works by capturing the heat energy that would normally escape from a dwelling and utilises it to heat up incoming air through the insulation layer, it basically (and rather cleverly) turns the envelope of the property into a heat exchanger. What’s more, the temperature of the incoming air can be raised as much as 8°C. Situated in the loft space, the Dynamic PIV is connected to the cavity and works at a continuous rate to draw the warmed air (via the Dynamic insulation) into the property at ceiling level.

Achieving a Specific Fan Power as low as 0.2 W/l/s along with significantly improved U-Values and Psi-Values, Dynamic PIV controls humidity levels and ensures all year round good indoor air quality - meeting Building Regulation Part F.

See the Dynamic PIV in action, watch the video here:

Dynamic PIV offers reduced building costs and is ideal for new build projects as an alternative to heat recovery systems.