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Launch Of Intelligent Whole House Heat Recovery System

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Launch Of Intelligent Whole House Heat Recovery System

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Aug 01, 2011

EnviroVent has launched the IDEO, an intelligent whole house heat recovery system perfect for larger properties to create an all year round ideal indoor climate with minimum loss of energy. The unit is packed with innovative features including an intelligent programmable remote control module, frost protection and hibernation mode.

The IDEO also comes with a 100% automatic summer by-pass as standard with the facility to allow night time cooling. User friendly indicators The IDEO’s intelligent wireless control module is incredibly user friendly with a host of practical functions such as a filter change indicator, programming mode and temperature gauge.

This smart heat recovery system can even monitor how much energy it has consumed, and what’s more, how much energy the household has saved by using it. The wireless control can be mounted into the product, onto a wall or a shelf. In addition to this, the IDEO also comes with a handy remote control to manually operate a kitchen boost switch when necessary.

Energy efficient

The unit is SAP Appendix Q eligible and Energy Savings Trust Best Practice Performance Compliant. Manufactured with a high efficiency counter flow heat exchange cell, the IDEO achieves up to 87% efficiency. The system incorporates the Ultra Low Watt EC Motor Technology ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.

Simple maintenance

The IDEO can be installed in a loft space or utility room. The system has been designed to allow easy access for rapid maintenance. The filters, located at the front of the IDEO, can be changed without having to dismantle the unit, they simply pull out to be removed and replaced. Heavier F7 grade filters are available for households with allergy sufferers or locations where pollution is an issue.