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Launch Of Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) Solutions

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Launch Of Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) Solutions

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jan 01, 2012

EnviroVent have launched a new range of centralised and decentralised mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) solutions suitable for houses, apartments and communal residences. Developed to meet the requirements of system 3 in accordance with Part F of the Building Regulations the systems provide all year round, good indoor air quality using the lowest energy consumption.


Introducing the OZEO, a compact whole house MEV unit fitted with multiple extract points and designed with double-injection self-sealing duct connections which pivot 90° to allow the utmost ease and flexibility when it comes to installation. Incorporating low watt motor technology the unit is highly efficient and delivers a Specific Fan Power down to 0.24 W/l/s. What’s more, the OZEO is SAP Appendix Q eligible and is Energy Savings Trust Best Practice Performance Compliant. To enable full demand ventilation, the unit is complimented with intelligent humidity sensing valves and PIR sensors.

In addition, and developed for specific markets, is the intelligent constant pressure MEV, the OZEO ECOWATT CP. Constant pressure ventilation allows the airflow inside the property to self-adjust in order to remain at a constant level without a drop in pressure, regardless of any ‘boost’ activity in other areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Centralised MEV Systems can be a energy efficient and cost effective alternative to installing numerous extract fans.

Introducing the ECO dMEV

Inspired by the award winning EnviroVent Filterless Extractor Fan, the ECO dMEV is a constant volume, continuously running, stylish single room decentralised MEV. SAP Appendix Q eligible, achieving a low Specific Fan Power of 0.26 W/l/s, this application is fully compliant with system 3 of the current Building Regulations, Part F, and makes a significant contribution to achieving favourable SAP calculations for ventilation.

The ECO dMEV is also fitted with a low energy motor mounted on silent elastic blocks to enable the fan to perform using the lowest energy consumption, the lowest noise and lowest lifecycle costs. Ideal for all domestic applications, WCs, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens, this versatile fan can be fitted into a ceiling, panel or wall.

Developed with 5 adjustable trickle speed settings, ranging from 4-13 l/s, the ECO dMEV can be commissioned at installation to meet the exact airflow requirements for specific applications; ensuring a low energy consumption down to 1.5 watts. The eco dMEV is also available with timer, humidity sensor and pull cord options.