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Making Installation Simple With A Heat Recovery System

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Making Installation Simple With A Heat Recovery System

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Apr 08, 2013

Heat recovery is a very popular choice when it comes to energy efficient ventilation for new build and retrofit projects. However, as many contractors and electricians will know only too well, it can be a real headache to get right! The trick is to get the installation right because even the most energy efficient appliance will fail to perform if it has been incorrectly installed. The pitfalls of fitting MVHR, not to mention the miles of ducting, are often to with the size and weight of the unit- trying to get it to fit it through a loft hatch can sometimes prove to be difficult and frustrating!

Good news, EnviroVent has launched the energiSava 380, a whole house heat recovery system, designed as an easy one man installation. (Yup, an easy one man installation) The energiSava 380 is lightweight and compact and it has been developed in a unique modular format which allows it to fit through a standard loft hatch. What’s more, this practical unit also incorporates simple push-button commissioning- making life easier for the installer.

The T is flexible, and depending on the type of installation required, the unit can be rotated to enable both right and left configurations. The system is also:

  • Thermal efficiency of 93%
  • Performs to the highest efficiency on SAP Appendix Q
  • Achieves a low Specific Fan Power (SPF) of 0.40 W/l/s

Another great bonus, this time for your customer, is that no user intervention is required, the intelligent humidity tracking controls constantly monitor the levels of humidity in the home, enabling the energiSava 380 to provide a healthy indoor environment all year round.