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Market Not Flat For EnviroVent

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By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jan 29, 2019

EnviroVent, one of the UK’s leading ventilation manufacturers, has seen a major increase in demand for its domestic ventilation systems from people living in flats.

This news closely follows the results of a recent national consumer survey backed by industry association BEAMA, which revealed that 70 per cent of 25-34 year olds – the group most likely to live in flats and apartments, were found to experience mould or condensation in their home and 58 per cent of householders experienced the problem.

The same survey revealed that householders were found to be 19 per cent more likely to have a dermatological or respiratory health condition if they have mould or condensation in their home.

Increasingly, apartment dwellers are choosing to have ventilation systems fitted including EnviroVent’s and Cyclone 7 extractor fan in order to improve indoor air quality.

Rebecca McLean, Marketing Director at EnviroVent, explains: “Often flats have less natural ventilation through doors or windows, or there may be acoustic issues which prevent doors and windows being opened regularly. We often find that existing ventilation may be difficult to control if a centralised system is used to ventilate the whole block of flats. With typically a higher turnover of people moving in and out of the property, details of how to use the ventilation system may not have been passed on, making the situation worse.”

She added: The best solution is to install a whole house ventilation system that requires no user intervention and works quietly to control humidity levels to keep condensation and mould issues at bay.”

Becky Giles, who lives in a flat in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has had asthma for over 30 years and it is believed that the poor ventilation in her apartment made her condition become severe. Becky’s flat was badly ventilated, had mould growth and issues with condensation, which is caused when there is a higher level of humidity and moisture in the air. Her asthma became so bad that it stopped her from working and led to persistent bouts in hospital and the need for regular appointments with her GP. She had an EnviroVent ventilation unit fitted and noticed a difference immediately to her health, finding that condensation and mould growth became much less of an issue in her flat.

Becky Giles explains: “When I moved into my flat there was a lot of excess water on the windows and it was not long before mould started to grow, making my asthma worse. The ventilation unit meant my asthma symptoms started to lessen and the problem with mould growth in my flat stopped straightaway, which of course is excellent news for my asthma.”

She adds: “The unit is discreet and is positioned on the wall, close to the ceiling, with the main inlet coming in through a pipe in my bedroom. It even warms the air before it is released into the flat, if the temperature is below 10⁰C outside!” EnviroVent’s systems include energy efficient condensation-control units for flats and apartments. They are usually fitted to the wall in a hallway and introduce fresh, filtered air throughout the property to transform a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation-free environment. The units can feature a pre-heater, which raises the temperature of incoming air when it is very cold outside, which is controlled by a sensor that monitors incoming air.

Cyclone 7 extractor fans are also a great choice for apartments and can be fitted into individual ‘wet rooms’, such as kitchens or bathrooms. These units are the energy efficient, modern alternative to a traditional kitchen or bathroom extractor fan. They control humidity levels without any need for intervention by the occupant. Their sophisticated technology means they constantly monitor and control the amount of moisture created within specific areas of the home where the fan is fitted.

Cyclone 7 allows moisture laden air to expand directly out to the atmosphere, resulting in the extraction of stale, moist air. There is also a low voltage version available for bathrooms, which can be wall or ceiling mounted.

All of the ventilation solutions offered by EnviroVent are designed and manufactured by the company in the UK.