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The Green Deal - The Future of Energy Efficiency?

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By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Mar 07, 2012

Are you a homeowner who’s looking for ways to reduce your energy bills this year? 

You’ll be pleased to know that the coalition Government is set to introduce legislation to make it possible for you to improve the energy efficiency of your property through the Green Deal.  In a nutshell, the less energy consumed, the more money you save!

What is The Green Deal?

It’s a way of making your home more energy efficient, whether you own or rent it. Grants are now available for improvements such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and internal solid wall insulation. Home insulation is basically “sealing up” the property, as less heat will be lost through natural leakage, which is especially beneficial during those colder British days! Truth is, a quarter of a home’s heat can be lost through the loft and, even worse, a third of a home’s heat can be lost through walls. Therefore, it is argued that by having loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and so on, fuel bills will be considerably less… fantastic news, yes?

Without doubt, it is indeed good news for all homeowners looking to save some pennies, but without a proper home survey, other problems could arise; black mould and damp marks may appear on walls, along with condensation forming on windows. This is because high levels of humidity have become trapped in the home with no means of escape due to the property been completely “sealed up” as a result of various insulation methods.

Mould and damp are obvious health hazards for homeowners and tenants alike, so it is essential you know how to deal with the problems should they occur. If unattended, condensation and mould problems can worsen and begin to seriously affect the health of those living in that mould-affected property.  Therefore, be wise… don’t let adequate ventilation slip through the net!

As a UK manufacturer we design a range of energy efficient ventilation solutions ideal for dealing with problems of condensation, mould and damp. We also have a team of health specialists who will visit your property and take humidity readings and providing advice on the unique ventilation requirements for individual properties.