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The Link Between Condensation and Mould

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The Link Between Condensation and Mould

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jul 06, 2022

One of the most worrying sights for any homeowner is a growing patch of black mould on a wall or ceiling.  Aside from being unpleasant to look at, black mould on walls can be damaging to health and often signifies an underlying problem with damp below the surface.

Mould grows best in damp and humid conditions, which is why it is most commonly seen in bathrooms, but it can develop anywhere in your home, and often the root cause of mould is untreated condensation.

How Does Condensation Cause Mould

Mould, and its close cousin mildew both thrive in damp and warm conditions where there is limited air movement.  Persistent damp patches that can support colonies of mould can develop where moisture is allowed to settle and soak into a material, and one of the most common ways in which damp cam form in a house is as a result of condensation from activities such as bathing or cooking.

Condensation forms when warm and humid air comes into contact with a cooler surface.  This temperature change reduces the ability of the air to contain water, and the excess is released to form droplets on the surface.  This isn’t a big problem on glass or tiles, and the condensation can simply be wiped away, but on wood, soft furniture and walls, the moisture can soak in and build up into damp patches.

As mould spores collect on these damp patches, they start to grow into colonies, and can quickly spread into unsightly black patches which will release more spores that can affect the health of people in your home.

Reducing condensation will help prevent damp and stop mould from developing.

Tips to Reduce Condensation and Prevent Mould

  • Use saucepan lids when cooking
  • Add cold water to the bath before hot to reduce steam build up
  • Use extractor fans when bathing or cooking
  • Open windows as much as possible during warm weather
  • Check that water tanks in your home have lids to prevent evaporation
  • Eat oven chips instead of deep fat fried.
  • Limit the amount of clothes dried on radiators and airers.

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