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The New Cyclone 7 Extractor Fan

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The New Cyclone 7 Extract Fan

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Apr 16, 2014

We all know that our daily lives consist of the following regular activities:

  • Cooking
  • Showering
  • Washing
  • Drying Clothes

It’s not something that we automatically think about but through these routine activities we create an awful lot of moisture, particularly in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom (and in en-suites and utility rooms too!). Unless extracted, the moisture-laden air will linger leaving the property susceptible to condensation and mould.

Extractor fans play a vital part in keeping our homes ventilated and there is a huge variety on the market, however, it pays to choose wisely. If you live in a busy household where mornings are manic, having a fan that keeps humidity levels in check without any human intervention could be just the ticket! Or you may be looking for something which is powerful but does not compromise on energy efficiency and above all is quiet!

The Cyclone 7 fan is a modern alternative to a traditional kitchen or bathroom extractor fan. This energy efficient and stylish high performance fan controls humidity levels without you even having to even think about it thanks to a cool feature called Intelligent Vapour Tracking Control! What’s more, it even comes with a magnificent 7 year renewable warranty!


This clever feature enables the Cyclone 7 fan to constantly monitor and control the amount of moisture created within specific areas of the home where the fan is fitted.  Condensation is managed quietly and efficiently, not only does this smart function reduce the wear and tear on the fan’s motor, it also helps to keep your energy costs down as well. The Cyclone 7 incorporates the latest patented Cyclone Separation Technology, which allows moisture-laden air to expand directly out to the atmosphere, resulting in the extraction of stale, moist air.


Due to this innovative technology, no filters are required. The air is extracted out cleanly and quietly, without the risk of clogged, unhygienic filters. This is a huge plus point, as dirty filters only lead to low performance and noisy ventilation systems. In addition, the Cyclone 7 has been manufactured with patented Antimicrobial Silver Ion Protection; this deters nasty bacteria, microbes and mould from growing on the surface of the fan. It provides protection from:

  • MRSA
  • Ecoli
  • Salmonella

Easy to maintain and install

The Cyclone 7 is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and WC’s. There’s even a low voltage version available for extra safety in bathrooms. The fan can be wall or ceiling mounted, it can be even installed in-line into a ceiling or on to a window -the Cyclone 7 fits all! Furthermore, the Cyclone 7 has been designed so that it is both easy to clean and service. As part of EnviroVent’s Lifetime Range®, it has been designed to last as long as the home it is fitted in.


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