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The New SILENT 100 Design Extractor Fan

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The New SILENT 100 Design Extractor Fan

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Oct 27, 2010

SILENT 100 Design Extractor Fan

Interior designs have influenced the way we choose items for the home from wallpaper to practical electrical appliances.  From cooker hoods to shower curtains, current trends have an effect on what we buy and even in a recession consumers still want to furnish and enhance their homes. For the style conscious certain appliances, such as extractor fans, still provide a challenge.

Extractor fans are a necessary part of modern day life. As we construct or refurbish our homes in-line with stringent building regulations to become more energy efficient by adding measures such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing, we effectively  ‘seal –up’ our homes and by doing so create poor ventilation, which can lead to condensation and mould problems.

Conventional extractor fans are not ‘fashion friendly’ and for a number of people this is not a problem. However, the consumer who has just spent a small fortune on a fabulous bathroom with a trendy walk-in shower will require something extra special that is pleasing on the eye. EnviroVent have the perfect solution – the stylish SILENT 100 Design.

The SILENT 100 Design is a new range of domestic axial fans suitable for utility rooms and bathrooms available in two colours, white or silver, complete with four smart interchangeable front panel trims in four evocative shades.  By incorporating whisper-quiet silent technology, the presence of the SILENT 100 Design fan promises never to ruin the ambiance of the room it has been installed in.

Innovative Silence

The SILENT 100 Design is the result of extensive and scrupulous development by EnviroVent’s R&D team, who have patented a refreshing new concept by developing an extractor fan that is designed to extract the maximum airflow with the minimum noise possible. This is achieved by motors mounted on silent elastic blocks; the elastic blocks absorb the vibrations from the motor and prevent the noise being transmitted into the area where the extract fan is installed. This not only significantly reduces the noise from the extractor fan, but also any noise from the surface that supports the fan. The SILENT 100 Design has been tested for noise and vibration by ENAC/ILAC, an independent research centre in Europe.

Here, a benchmark study was carried out on the market’s most popular domestic axial extract fans to test their acoustic benefits against the patented ‘silent’ technology of the SILENT Range.   Each appliance went through sound power level testing using sound pressure. At the time of testing the results showed that out of all the axial fans tested, the most popular ‘quietest’ model on the market emitted twice the noise level of the equivalent SILENT model. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing the SILENT 100 Design has been developed without compromising on performance or quality.

The motors are equipped with sealed for life ball bearings to guarantee a long working life, more than 30,000 hours at any shaft position. Manufactured from injection moulded plastic the fan is fitted with a neon light, backdraught shutter and airflow guide panes as standard. Each application is powered by a single phase 230V-50Hz, class B low consumption motor, offering exceptional performance and equipped with standard thermal overload protection.

The SILENT 100 Design has innovative optional features including an adjustable humidity sensor which allows the humidity level in the bathroom to be chosen from between 60 and 90% RH. Another optional feature is the adjustable timer which allows the shut off time to be delayed between 1 and 30 minutes after disconnection. 

The SILENT Range

The new ‘design’ fans join the wider and established SILENT Range of ventilation products that incorporate the same patented silent technology.  Developed with the same precision in quality and performance The SILENT Range offers a wider choice of applications for kitchens, bathrooms, small rooms and solutions for ducted systems where it is necessary to either ventilate a room or to exchange heat between adjoining rooms.

The extract fan range is available in three sizes, the SILENT 100 - suitable for WC and Bathroom installations, the SILENT 125 and the SILENT 150 both ideal for kitchen and utility room ventilation. All models are designed for wall or ceiling mounted applications. Each model is IP45 rated and has the same innovative optional features offered with the SILENT 100 Design.  In addition, the SILENT 100 comes with extra optional features, a PIR detector which enables the fan to detect movement at a maximum of 4 metres and an Intelligent Timer which operates after a 50 second delay, (thereafter the fan runs automatically,) the ‘run-on’ time is adjustable; it can be set between 5 and 30 minutes.

The SILENT 100 is also comes in a SELV model which is IP57 rated.

Solutions for Ductwork

The SILENT MV 160/100 is a domestic, axial in-line fan, designed for ducted systems. Incorporating the same patented silent technology, the low profile design of the in-line model provides the most effective solution for installers in areas where space is restricted, such as false ceilings. The SILENT in-line fan can be connected to any point on the ventilation duct, without loss of performance.

The unique design of the support bracket allows the central cartridge, holding the motor and impeller assembly, to be fitted or removed without dismantling the ductwork. Available in two versions, the standard model is fitted with a single-phase two-speed motor which is controlled by either a 2-speed selection switch or by a 100% speed controllable, operated via electronic voltage regulating speed controller. The timer version is fitted with a single-phase 1-speed motor; the electronic adjustable timer can be set between 1 and 30 minutes.

For smaller restricted spaces, the SILENTTUB 100 offers the perfect solution, without any compromise on performance. Each application of the SILENT in-line range is IP44 rated.

5 Year Guarantee

Every application within the SILENT Range from comes with a confident 5 year guarantee. The SILENT Range complies with Part F of the Building Regulations, Part K of the Northern Irish counterpart and Section 3 of the Scottish Building regulations.