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The Ultra Quiet In-line Duct Fans - SILENT MV

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The Ultra Quiet In-line Duct Fans - SILENT MV

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Oct 27, 2010

The SILENT MV is a range of ultra quiet, helicocentrifugal in-line duct fans suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. 

The range is the result of EnviroVent’s extensive research and investment to develop a product with sound absorbent insulation which not only reduces the amount of noise produced, but also ensures that the level of noise emitted is at a far lower frequency to provide a quiet and ambient environment. These acoustic benefits make the SILENT MV ideal for offices, libraries, hairdressers and public spaces, in particular, areas that require a system to run for long periods throughout the day.

Easy to install and maintain, the low profile and compact design of the helicocentrifugal fans make them perfect for installations where space is restricted, such as false ceilings.  The central body of the SILENT MV can be easily dismantled from the connections to allow rapid maintenance, without the need to interfere with the ducting. Complying with building regulations, the SILENT MV fans are IP44 rated and feature a 360°rotating connection box.  Each model is 100% speed controllable and comes with a 5 year guarantee.