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What a Difference a Day Makes – EnviroVent Lends a Helping Hand

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By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Sep 10, 2019

Over two hundred staff from Harrogate-based EnviroVent were given a day away from work to put something back into the local community, in a project they called their ‘In it together Day’. 

The volunteers were given a choice to work on any of 11 different local community projects.  

This included clearing grounds, weeding and sweeping paths at Henshaw’s Society for Blind People in Knaresborough.  Other projects included supporting people living with dementia at Dementia Forward in Harrogate by taking part in community singing; some worked on the Harrogate Homeless Project to carry out decorating work at the hostel.  

Other staff volunteered at Martin House Hospice, which cares for children and young people with life limiting conditions in West, East and North Yorkshire.  The work included decorating, maintenance work and organising event equipment.  Animal lovers amongst the staff got involved in a project with Miss Mollies, the charity dog rescue centre in Harrogate.  Here they carried out painting of the front of the shop to give it a boost with customers.

Staff could also choose to take part in conservation projects, which included ground clearance and hay meadow cutting at Askham to support Harrogate-based charity Open Country; to enable disabled people to better access the countryside.  There was also a team that supported the Pinewoods Conservation Group, a charity which promotes maintenance and conservation of the environment within the Harrogate area.  This project they supported with clearance work to ground areas and general gardening work.

Staff could also choose to help out at Hampden House, a care home in Harrogate.  Here the teams had the option to spend time chatting with residents or to help out with minibus washing and valeting or gardening.

EnviroVent HR Manager, Lucinda Townsend, said: “Our ‘In it together’ day is a great opportunity for staff from different departments to work together for the good of the local community.   Not only is it great for the community, but it also creates a real sense of achievement and camaraderie amongst our employees.”

Rufus Beckett from Henshaws’ said: “The volunteers from EnviroVent made a big difference by tidying our grounds and improving our garden areas.  We are very grateful for their support in this work, which we wouldn’t have had the time or resources to do otherwise.”

Andy Makin, Managing Director of EnviroVent, said: “This is the third time that we have held our ‘In it Together’ community day and we’ve been amazed at what a difference can be made in a day!  It is very motivating for our team to get involved in something completely different from their normal working life, but that impacts on the community in such a positive way.  We’ve had some great feedback from the charities and organisations we have helped and this has made it a hugely rewarding experience.”

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