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What Does a Ventilation System Cost to Run

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What Does a Ventilation System Cost to Run

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

May 02, 2023

Ensuring that your home is well ventilated is the best way to prevent problems with mould and condensation damp. Good ventilation also prevents the build up of allergens such as pollen and is particularly important in areas with higher levels of pollution or radon gas. Without good ventilation, pollutants can build up to levels where they might damage your health. Improving your home ventilation can help to make your home healthier.

With energy prices at high levels, it is important to consider the running costs of different ventilation systems.

Modern extractor fans are very efficient

If you are replacing an older extractor fan in your bathroom or kitchen, the chances are that the replacement will be much more energy efficient. Advancements in motor efficiency and fan design over the past 10 years (the average lifespan of a typical fan), mean that newer models consume much less energy than their predecessors.

The popular EnviroVent Cyclone 7 extractor fan is suitable for kitchens or bathrooms. It has been designed to be highly efficient in use and features a moisture sensor that means it only runs as required to control the humidity levels in your home and prevent condensation.

In typical use, it costs just £4.47 per year to run in a bathroom, and £11.91 annually in an average kitchen.

Whole house ventilation systems

Whole house ventilation systems such as EnviroVent ATMOS draw fresh air in from outdoors to displace the stale, humid air in your home and prevent condensation from forming in all rooms. Annual running costs are exceptionally low. The ventilation system can cost as little as £10.63 to run for a year without the heater on, and from £72.38 annually if the heater is used.

Whole house ventilation can reduce your heating costs too. By improving the flow of air throughout your home, they make temperatures more even, which means that your central heating system will reach a comfortable level more quickly.

Preventing heat loss

A common concern about ventilation systems such as extractor fans is that as air is removed from the house, it takes the warmth with it. In practice, the amount of heat lost through your home because of running an extractor fan for 30 minutes while you bathe is minimal. Even a well-insulated home has gaps that allow heat to escape, an extractor fan in a bathroom or kitchen has an extremely limited effect on overall temperatures, but there are things you can do to improve efficiency.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems use a heat exchanger to capture the heat from air that is being extracted and use it to heat the incoming air. Heat Exchangers are highly efficient, capturing more than 85% of the energy.

In a typical house, an MVHR system such as the EnviroVent ESAVA 400 will cost approximately £54 per year to run, while a single room MVHR system such as the HAS 150 which can be used to replace a standard extractor fan will cost £16.99 based on current energy prices.

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