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Why Filterless Extractor Fans Last Longer

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Why Filterless Extractor Fans Last Longer

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Jun 04, 2021

Since introducing Fitlerless Extract Technology in 2003, Envirovent has been continually refining its invention.  The technology has been popular with social housing landlords since it was first released and has helped the sector reduce maintenance costs by millions of pounds over 18 years.

Why Filterless Extractor Fans Require Less Maintenance

Extractor fans are one of the most important parts of any ventilation system.  They are usually mounted on the wall or ceiling in the rooms where moisture levels are highest – such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms.  The fans reduce the spread of moist air through a building by directing it outside quickly.  The fan creates airflow into the wet room so that less steam can escape and as such, condensation through the rest of the building is minimised.  Less condensation means less opportunity for damp and mould to develop.

Old fashioned extractor fans use a filter system where air is filtered to remove dust and smoke particles before they can be deposited onto the fan blades.  Over time, particularly in kitchen settings, these filters can become clogged with dust which forces the fan motor to work much harder to pull air out of a room.  This will inevitably shorten the life of the fan while also increasing the amount of energy that is used.

Filterless fans such as the EnviroVent Cyclone 7 work differently.  The design of the fan creates a vortex of cyclone that prevents the air from actually passing over the fan blades themselves.  This removes the need for a filter to protect the fan, and also means that the device will work at a consistent power level, reducing operating costs over time.

Additional Benefits of Modern Extractor Fans

Modern extractor fans are designed intelligently to provide a better and more energy efficient ventilation solution for homes and businesses.  EnviroVent’s Cyclone 7 range incorporates an intelligent vapour tracking control which monitors the humidity levels in the air passing through the fan and adjusts its power level appropriately.  The heatSava range includes a heat recovery system which retains around 75% of the heat in the extracted air to warm air coming into the room to help reduce energy use.

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