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Why Retrofit? The Future of Ventilation Solutions

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Ventilation Solutions

By Ruth MacEachern

Product Manager

Apr 12, 2012

EnviroVent is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ventilation systems. For over 30 years, EnviroVent has helped over a million homes solve damp, condensation and mould issues across the UK. Our award winning ventilation products create all year round healthy, fresh and ideal indoor environments.

Located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire we now employ over 200 people and have become the fast growing ventilation manufacturer in the UK. Back in 1987, we began our mission to rid homes of the damaging effects of poor indoor air, condensation and mould and to improve indoor air quality.

With over a million condensation problems solved to date, we feel as though we can call ourselves experts when it comes to advising on indoor air quality and condensation in UK homes. Our passion for providing good indoor air quality is strong now as it was when we first started out.

Our philosophy is to provide an outstanding service through the design, manufacture, expert installation and aftercare of our sustainable ventilation products and systems for the long term.

At EnviroVent we care not only about the products we produce and the benefits they provide, but we also care about our people. We acknowledge that a fundamental part of our success is down to the individuals we employ. Therefore we ensure we off the ideal environment and culture to our employees to allow them to develop.

Why Retrofit? The Future of Ventilation Solutions

Did you know that homes account for 25% of the nation’s carbon output? Just imagine if that number was significantly reduced, our environment would be a lot better off. That’s why the UK government has set itself an ambitious goal to try and achieve an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. At EnviroVent, we are doing our bit towards making this goal achievable.

Consider this; although today’s Building Regulations encourage new homes to be energy efficient, it leads us to ask what about Britain’s older, leaky properties? Surely their construction methods, completely different to the modern agenda, allow for energy to be wasted?  Out of the 4.8 million houses built before 1919, a surprising 254,000 form part of the country’s social housing stock!

Today, local authorities and housing associations have to work to tight budgets, whilst still being expected to achieve the same standard. Strapped for cash Asset Managers are left with a dilemma of long-term investment verses limited funds. When it comes to essential maintenance, just where do you draw the line?

There is the old adage, “If you buy cheap, you pay twice” and, in this age of uncertainty, it is sound advice. In terms of retrofit ventilation, paying a little more for a product which is energy efficient and built to last (preferably one which is backed-up by a long term guarantee) should in theory save you money for many years to come.

Through the use of the newest and most innovative technologies, best practice retrofitting will be shared to demonstrate how the UK will meet the Government's target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions… and it just so happens that EnviroVent has been selected in a number of schemes across the country to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and save money on fuel bills for residents.

The Importance of House Ventilation  

The effect of not having good quality air in the home is dramatic. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors and 70% of this time is spent in their own home. The indoor living environment is therefore crucial to the health of the occupants. 

A ventilation system is one of the first products to go into a property and one of the last things to come out if something goes wrong, which is why it is important to have a professionally designed ventilation plan to ensure that the system is fit for purpose.

Rates of ventilation in buildings can be expressed in terms of air change rates (the number of times that the volume of air in a space is changed per hour) or litres per second. The ventilation rate will be determined by the type and size of space and the way it is occupied (for example, the number of occupants, sources of heat, moisture, odour, contaminants, and so on). Ventilation in buildings is regulated by Part F of the Building Regulations.

What types of ventilation solutions have retrofit capabilities?

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is a whole house ventilation system, which works by delivering fresh, filtered air into a property at a continuous rate. Ideal for small or large retrofit schemes, this method of ventilation is good news for those trying to juggle a tight budget. This is because PIV offers a very cost effective solution; it is is quick and easy to install and it will gently ventilate a property all year round, eliminating condensation and mould problems. Furthermore, this type of ventilation is exceptionally energy efficient, saving up to 10% of annual heating costs! And if that wasn’t enough, it can offer significant health benefits to sufferers of respiratory problems such as asthma.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) is a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) is a system that works to extract excess moisture in the air yet also recovers the heat, meaning that it provides your home with ventilated air but doesn't take out any necessary warmth. All of our Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation products are manufactured here in the UK and offer a wide range of innovative benefits in addition to exceptional performance and low maintenance. 

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV). MEV or Mechanical Extract Ventilation are systems that provide continuous ventilation. The centralised systems draw moisture-laden air from multiple wet rooms of a property. All our Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems are reliable, long-lasting and operate at low noise levels. 

EnviroVent has a wide range of energy efficient applications to suit every domestic requirement, from Mechanical Extract Ventilation to Heat Recovery Systems, offering the lowest lifecycle costs whilst minimising carbon emissions.

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