Barratt Developments’ concept home for a sustainable future

Barratt Developments has created an exciting concept house for its new homes for the future.  Working with some of the leading sustainable product manufacturers in the UK, including EnviroVent, Barratt Developments has developed ‘Zed House’, the first home in the country built by a major housebuilder to go beyond the Future Homes Standard.  With Zed House, Barratt Developments expects to deliver a carbon reduction of 125%.  The first house of its type has been built in Salford, Manchester and will be inhabited by post Graduate students from the local University, which will provide insights into sustainable living.

Barratt Developments is committed to a net zero strategy and this flagship concept house is vitally important in achieving that commitment. The new house features the next generation of new technologies and innovations, all designed to showcase the future of sustainable living.

Our unique ventilation solution

Barratt Developments specified EnviroVent’s low carbon ventilation system, the MEV 300, an innovative mechanical extract ventilation system, for Zed House.  This highly efficient ventilation system is designed to minimise energy usage, whilst reducing humidity and eliminating condensation and mould growth.   The MEV 300 is part of a number of low carbon technologies used throughout the home to help it to achieve beyond zero carbon requirements. The MEV 300 will be continually monitored to assess performance and impact on energy efficiency.

The MEV 300 ventilation system offers high performance from its high efficiency DC motor technology, which means it provides  low energy consumption, therefore reducing carbon emissions.  Airflow rates are typically up to 103l/s (370 m3/hr). 

The ventilation system is manufactured mainly from recyclable materials to reduce the impact on landfill and it is designed to ensure that components can easily be replaced.

Andy Makin, our Managing Director, said: “We have over 25 years’ experience in providing ventilation solutions and are proud to be working with Barratt Developments on this groundbreaking project.”

“It is our ambition to be the ventilation manufacturer of choice for new private and social housing developments in the future.”


Barratt Developments has partnered with the University of Salford and 60+ suppliers working together to build this net zero carbon house and it will be continuously monitored to assess energy usage, carbon emissions and performance. 

Alongside EnviroVent’s MEV Ventilation System, other cutting-edge technology featured in Z House includes infrared panels that provide instant zero carbon heat and new air powered showers that will save families hundreds of pounds per year in water and heating bills.  The house also features plaster that eliminates pollutants giving cleaner, healthier air, along with a fridge which keeps the right humidity resulting in 60% less food wastage. There are also innovative heated skirting boards delivering 10% more heat than traditional radiators whilst saving space.

Barratt’s Z House project will test advanced Modern Method of Construction techniques and trial the next generation of smart technology and sustainable materials. Ultimately, the aim is to find solutions and enable the industry to build high quality, zero carbon and beyond homes that customers love, at scale.

Just a couple of months ago, EnviroVent launched its Roadmap to net zero, with a clear plan to achieve this by 2030.  Part of this involves moving to new low carbon headquarters in Harrogate, which use renewable heat and energy sources, such as heat pumps and low emission ventilation systems.