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Since they were established in 2008, City West Housing Trust has invested over 200 million pounds into their housing stock as part of a long term programme to improve the homes which they own and manage.

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Huge Investment Programme For West Salford

This huge investment programme will improve the quality of life for thousands of residents living in West Salford, and have a positive impact on the local community.

This proactive approach has included an enormous amount of input from residents who have been consulted every step of the way.

Customers have been involved in choosing their new kitchens and advised on how to use their new energy efficient appliances – giving them a real sense of pride in both their newly renovated home and their local community.


Residents Enjoy Refurbishment

Philomena Noone has lived at Barton Village since it opened in 1960, she said:

"I’m very happy in my new home. I love the balcony and the new heating system. I am back in my own place where I belong."

One of the major priorities within this huge retro-fit project was the refurbishment of 12 high rise blocks.

The High Rise Programme started in April 2011 with the regeneration of Engels House, the first of four tower blocks, situated in the heart of the Eccles area of West Salford at Barton Village.


Engel House Incorporates Eco-Technologies In Refurbishment

The work on Engels House was completed in March 2012 and plays an important role in City West’s 14.3 million pound refurbishment plan to change the face of Barton Village. Built in 1960, the concrete canal-side block has undergone a complete transformation, both internally and externally.

The block has been revamped using the latest eco-technologies, from thermal cladding to an EcoPod heating system, which combines super efficient cascade boilers with solar panels to help eliminate fuel poverty.

All that was required now to bring Engels House firmly into the 21st century was a ventilation system to provide a healthy environment all year round to each of the 58 apartments.


EnviroVent Provides Ventilation Solution

EnviroVent’s MEV Spider, a continuous mechanical extract ventilation system, was chosen by City West for its eco-friendly characteristics, energy efficiency and long term savings. Ideal for retrofit projects of this scale, the innovative MEV Spider has intelligent humidity tracking and remote controls as standard.

Designed with multiple extract points, the system works by drawing moisture laden air out of the ‘wet room’ areas of the homes, such as kitchens and bathrooms, which is ducted to a central system and then out to atmosphere. The MEV Spider also minimizes the movement of humidity to other rooms.


The MEV Spider Ensures Optimum Efficiency

Handy for high rises, the MEV Spider has been developed to fit into areas where space is restricted; the system can be installed horizontally or vertically thanks to a unique spigot configuration which has up to 9 connecting spigot points.

The system’s self sealing duct connections and ‘quick fit’ bayonet spigots provide extra convenience for the installer. What’s more, the MEV Spider is fully commissionable to high and low air flow rates to ensure optimum efficiency and performance.


The Results

City West’s Supply Chain Manager, Garry Vaughan, said:

"Engels showcases innovative solutions to the issues faced by our high rise tenants. The environmentally friendly technology we’ve used, such as EnviroVent’s MEV Spider, has made a real difference to the quality of life of our residents."

Engels House is now the talk of the town, with its state of the art green technologies taking centre stage. Work has already started on Enfield House, the second of the four Barton Village tower blocks, with the remaining two buildings scheduled in to begin in 2013 and 2014.

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